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Academic advising is offered throughout the year, and all students are encouraged to contact an advisor at least once a year. 

This is particularly important if you are declaring your major as Psychology or if you have any questions about the programs or courses offered in the Department of Psychology.

To make an appointment for Academic advising, please e-mail

 Winter 2017 Academic Advisors

 Your Last Name starts with Your advisor is Advisor Office Advisor Phone Advisor email
 A to BL Dr. Angie Birt EV 423 902-457-6667
 Bo to C Dr. Elizabeth Bowering EV 417 902-457-6535
 D to E Dr. Mary Delaney EV 414 902-457-6559
 F to H Dr. Michelle Eskritt-Keck EV 413 902-457-6593
 I to MAC Dr. Christine Lackner EV 421 902-457-5981
 MAD to PA Dr. Stephen Perrott EV 429 902-457-6337
 PE to S Dr. Daniel Seguin EV 431 902-457-6460
 T to Z Dr. Michelle Eskritt-Keck EV 413 902-457-6593

Have you almost completed your degree?

If you are planning to apply to graduate in May, make sure to touch base with our senior student advisor:

Dr. Derek Fisher

EV 427

(902) 457-5503