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·         Elected Organizer and Chair the 45th annual Congress of Theoretical Chemists of the Latin Expression - Quitel XLV (Quitel 2019) in Canada.

·         Elected Organizer and Chair Sagamore XIX Conference on Electron Charge, Spin and Momentum Densities, International Union of Crystallography IUCr-2018, Halifax, Canada.

·         Organizer of:Symposium on Electron Localization and Delocalization: Theory, Measures, and Applications in Chemistry; 100th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition  CSC 2017, (28 May  – 1 June 2017), Toronto, ON, Canada.

·         International Advisory Board Member: ChemBond 2016: Chemical Bonding in Position Space, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden, 2016 (November 27 - December 1, 2016).

·         Member of the Scientific Advisory Board and the International Organizing Committee: 7th  European Charge Density Meeting ECDM7, Warsaw June 2016.

·         Member of the International Programme Committee: 3rd International Interdisciplinary Symposium, CroArtScia2015 – Technological Innovations: Art & Science (27–30 May 2015), Zagreb, Croatia.

·         Co-organizer (with Dr. Birger Dittrich) of Microsymposium on "MS-65 Charge Density for Drug Design" at the Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography IUCr-2014, Montreal 5-12 August 2014. (49 submitted abstracts).

·         Member of the International Organizing Committee: Asymmetry: Art & Science & Education, International Scientific Interdisciplinary Symposium, CroArtScia 2013 (8–11 May 2013), Zagreb, Croatia.

·         Organizer of a “Session in Honor of Professor Richard F. W. Bader” at theSagamore XVII Conference on Electron Charge, Spin and Momentum Densities, International Union of Crystallography IUCr-2012, (15–20 July 2012), Hokkaido, Japan.

·         Member of the International Advisory Committee, 6th European Charge Density MeetingECDM6, (15 – 20 September 2012), Štrbské Pleso, Slovakia.

·         Member, Organizing Committee: Second International Conference on Nanobiophysics: Fundamental and Applied Aspects, (6-9 October 2011), Kiev, Ukraine.

·         Member of the International Organizing Committee: International Scientific Symposium Symmetry: Art and Science, CroArtScia 2011 (4–7 May 2011), Zagreb, Croatia.

·         Session President (Président de session): "Concepts in Chemistry",Epistémologie de la chimie : synthèse et perspectives (Epistemology of Chemistry: synthesis (philosophical synthesis) and perspectives), École Polytechnique – CREA (Centre de recherche en épistémologie appliquée), CNRS - UMR 7656, Paris – France, 11 Sept. 2010.

·         Discussion Leader of the Session: Electron Distribution and Interaction Energies, Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Electron Distribution & Chemical Bonding (11-16 July 2010).

·         Co-Organizer (with Prof. Paul Ayers) of:Symposium on Atoms in Molecules, 92nd Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition CSC 2009, (30 May 30 – 3 June 2009), Hamilton, ON, Canada.

·         Co-organizer (with Prof. Richard F. W. Bader) of a Symposium on Static and Dynamic Aspects of Charge Density, 5th European Charge Density Meeting ECDM5, June 6-11 2008, Gravedona, Italy.

·         Organizer, Symposium on Bio-Computational Chemistry, 90th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition CSC 2007, May 26 - 30, 2007, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

·         Member, Organizing Committee of the Symposium on the Occasion of the 65th Birthday of Prof. Richard Bader, Burlington, ON, Canada (18-20 Oct. 1996).