In Fall 2023, MSVU offered a unique educational opportunity to help Nova Scotians access the continuing care services they or their friends/family need. This program gives people who need home care or long-term care services, and the people who care about them, information about how the public system works in Nova Scotia.

What is continuing care?

A caretaker with a child who is in a wheelchair, posing outside on a sidewalkContinuing care provides services to individuals and families who need care and support outside of hospital and consists of a number of home care and long-term care services. Access to these services is through Nova Scotia Health with the services provided by the health authority, not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.  The Department of Seniors and Long Term Care sets policy and funds the continuing care system in Nova Scotia.

Who might be interested in this course?

  • Anyone who requires supports and services at home, such as help with personal care, a break for their caregiver, meal preparation and/or essential housekeeping, or individuals providing support at home to someone, will find this education program helpful.
  • Anyone who requires long term care in a nursing home or residential care facility licensed by the Department of Seniors and Long-Term Care, or individuals providing support to someone who needs this type of care, will find this educational program helpful.
  • Individuals who are aging and are preparing for the future will also find the information provided in this educational program helpful.
  • Health care professionals who have clients/patients who need, or are receiving, continuing care services.

This program has been created to provide clear and comprehensive information about how publicly funded home care and long-term care services work in Nova Scotia. It will also provide information, advice and insight about how to advocate for, and navigate, the supports and services you need. You will also receive information about additional resources that you may find helpful in your care journey.

How do I register?

Registration for Continue Caring is currently closed. To be notified of future deliveries, please complete our Wait List Registration Form.

Frequently Asked Questions and Support for Current Microcredential Registrants

We have a number of Frequently Asked Questions and supports to help our current registrants have a successful start to your microcredential experience.

Who is teaching this program?

Susan Stevens, BSW, MEd, RSW, CHE, EXTRA Fellow

Susan Stevens

Susan Stevens was most recently the Senior Director of Continuing Care with Nova Scotia Health. She retired from this role in September 2023. In this role she led a team of over 500 staff who provided access to continuing care services to more than 40,000 Nova Scotians each year. Susan has developed, and is delivering, this new microcredential course.

Susan has worked in continuing care in Nova Scotia since 1996, serving in a variety of roles, including as a Home Care Coordinator, a Senior Policy Analyst, and Director of Continuing Care Policy and Planning for the province.

She is a licensed social worker in Nova Scotia, an adult educator, a certified health executive, an adjunct professor, and a part-time faculty at Mount Saint Vincent University.