Stefon van Nordt

Dr. Stefon van Noordt

Assistant Professor

Office: EVR 437

Phone: 902 457 5501


Education and Training

2019 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University

2018 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Yale Child Study Centre, Yale University

2016 Ph.D. Psychology (Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience), Brock University

2012 M.A. Psychology (Behavioural Neuroscience), Brock University

2009 Honours B.Sc. Psychology, Criminology Minor, Brock University

Research Interests

My research is focused on understanding the brain-based markers of attention control and performance monitoring. I am particularly interested in how the medial frontal cortex mediates attention control and incorporates feedback in the pursuit of optimal outcomes (e.g., achieving correct responses, avoiding negative consequences) and how these processes change across development and vary across individuals. The links between neural dynamics, attention control, and feedback processing have important implications for understanding the neural circuitry of goal-directed behaviour in normative development as well as the maintenance of pathological states such as anxiety. I often integrate behavioural and imaging techniques, targeted experimental paradigms, and computational tools to study markers of attention control and performance monitoring.

This research has been supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Transforming Autism Care Consortium (TACC), the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, and the Brain Canada Foundation.

Students interested in gaining research experience or joining our team to complete their Honours thesis or postdoctoral training are encouraged to contact me directly at

Selected Publications

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**shared co-first authorship


Attention control and performance monitoring

Cognitive control in the eye of the beholder: Theta and alpha modulation during response preparation in a cued saccade task

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A functional classification of medial frontal negativity event-related potentials: Theta oscillations and single subject effects

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Watch out! Medial frontal cortex is activated by cues signaling potential changes in response demands

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Developmental and individual differences

Cortical maturation from childhood to adolescence is reflected in resting state EEG signal complexity

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12-month peak alpha frequency is a correlate but not a longitudinal predictor of non-verbal cognitive abilities in infants at low and high risk for autism spectrum disorder

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The glass is half empty: Negative self-appraisal bias and attenuated neural response to positive self-judgment in adolescence

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One-month stability of Cyberball post-exclusion ostracism distress in adolescents

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EEG methods and large-scale human neuroscience

EEG Integrated Platform Lossless (EEG-IP-L) pre-processing pipeline for objective signal quality assessment incorporating data annotation and blind source separation

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EEG-IP: An international infant EEG data integration platform for the study of risk and resilience in autism and related conditions

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STATSLAB: An open-source EEG toolbox for computing single-subject effects using robust estimation

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