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J Keefe photo


Janice M. Keefe

Professor, Chair 
Director, Nova Scotia Centre on Aging
Lena Isabel Jodrey Chair in Gerontology

BA (UPEI), MA, PhD (Guelph)

Phone: (902) 457-6466
Office: McCain 201F


Curriculum vitae (short version)

Short Biography PDF (198 KB) 

BiographyI received my BA in Sociology from the University of Prince Edward Island, my MA in Sociology/Anthropology from the University of Guelph, and my PhD in Family Relations and Human Development in the Department of Family Studies at the University of Guelph.Prior to coming to Mount Saint Vincent University in 1990, I worked in public municipal home care. I am currently a Professor in the Department of Family Studies and Gerontology and hold appointments at Dalhousie Faculties of Medicine and Graduate Studies. 

From 2002-2012, I held the Mount’s first Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Aging and Caregiving Policy. Funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation enabled me to develop the Maritime Data Centre for Aging Research & Policy Analysis. In 2006, I was awarded the Lena Isabel Jodrey Chair in Gerontology and appointed Director, Nova Scotia Centre on Aging, and continue to hold both positions. 

My research areas are family/friend caregiving, continuing care policy and practice, social demography, and Alzheimer’s disease & related dementia. I lead and/or co-lead a number of research teams examining these issues in the Canadian, and often Nova Scotian context. I have published many peer-reviewed articles, technical reports, and am often invited to share my research at regional, national, and international conferences. I have received recognition internationally for translating my research into policy, nationally for my contribution to continuing care and provincially for my contributions to Gerontology in Nova Scotia.   

In Spring, 2014 I was honoured to be selected as Expert Advisor to the Minister of Seniors’ Employer Panel for Caregivers, a group seeking to identify best practices for employers seeking to support their employees who serve as family/friend caregivers. 

I teach courses in social policy and aging in the Master of Arts and Undergraduate Program in the Department of Family Studies and Gerontology. I also provide mentorship and supervision to a number of graduate students and am able to provide research assistant/trainee opportunities to students through the Maritime Data Centre and the Nova Scotia Centre on Aging.


Research Interests 

  • Family/Friend caregivers to older people needing assistance (including women who combine work and eldercare, rural caregivers, assessment of caregivers, paying family members, and reciprocity between elderly parents and children)
  • Formal caregivers and human resource issues for home care and long term care
    continuum of care system
  • Dementia Care
  • Rural aging

Selected Publications 

Panagiotoglou, D., Keefe, J., Fancey, P., & Martin-Matthews, A.(forthcoming, 2017). Job satisfaction and the context of care work by home support workers: Insights from three Canadian jurisdictions. Canadian Journal on Aging.(36)1.

Godin, J.,Keefe, J., & Andrew, M. (in press, 2016). Handling missing MMSE values: Results from a cross-sectional long-term care study. Journal of Epidemiology. 

Keefe, J., Dill, D., Ogilvie, R., & Fancey, P. (accepted, 2016). Examining household model of residential

long term care in Nova Scotia. Submitted to Health Reform Observer.

Krawchenko, T., Keefe, J., Manuel, P., & Rapaport, E. (2016). Coastal climate change, vulnerability and age friendly communities: Linking planning for climate change to the age friendly communities agenda. Journal of Rural Studies(44), 55-62.

Aubrecht, K., & Keefe, J. (2016). The becoming subject of dementia. Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal. 12(2&3).

Godin, J., Keefe, J., Kelloway, K., & Hirdes, J. (2015). Nursing home resident quality of life: Testing for measurement equivalence across resident, family, and staff perspectives. Quality of Life Research, 24(10), 2365-2374. doi: 10.1007/s11136-015-0989-4

Rapaport, E., Manuel, P., Krawchenko, T. and Keefe, J. (2015). How can aging communities adapt to coastal climate change? Mapping community asset vulnerability for planning and adaptation. Canadian Public Policy, 41(2), 166-177. doi:

Manuel, P., Rapaport, E., Keefe, J.,Krawchenko, T. (2015). Coastal climate change and aging communities in Atlantic Canada: A methodological approach to community asset and social vulnerability mapping. The Canadian Geographer, 59(2), 1-14. doi: 10.1111/cag.12203

Ward-Griffin, C., Browne, J.B., St-Amant, O., Sutherland, N., Martin-Matthews, A., Keefe, J., Kerr, M. (2015). Nurses negotiating professional-familial care boundaries: Striving for balance. Journal of Family Nursing, 21(1), 57-85. doi: 10.1177/1074840714562645

Andrew, M. K., & Keefe, J. (2014). Social vulnerability from a social ecology perspective: a cohort study of older adults from the National Population Health Survey of Canada. BioMedical Central Geriatrics, 14, 90. doi: 10.1186/1471-2318-14-9

St-Amant, O., Ward-Griffin, C., Browne, J.B., Martin-Matthews, A., Sutherland, N., Keefe, J., Kerr, M. (2014). Professionalizing familial care: Examining nurses’ unpaid family care work. Advances in Nursing Science, 37(2), 117-131. doi: 10.1097/ANS.0000000000000023

Lefrançois, G., Vézina, S., Keefe, J., & Légaré, J. (2013). Trends and characteristics affecting disability among older Canadians living in private households. Canadian Studies in Population, 40(3/4), 174-192.

Weeks, L. E., & Keefe, J., MacDonald, D. J. (2012). Factors predicting relocation among older adults. Journal of Housing for the Elderly, 26(4). 355-371. doi: 10.1080/02763893.2011.653099

Fancey, P., Keefe, J., Stadnyk, R., Gardiner, E., & Aubrecht, K. (2012). Understanding and assessing the impact of nursing home approach to care and physical design on residents and their families: A synthesis of the literature. Seniors Housing & Care Journal,20(1), 99-114.

Dill, D. M., Keefe, J., & McGrath, D. S. (2012). The influence of intrinsic and extrinsic job values on turnover intention among Continuing Care Assistants in Nova Scotia. Home Health Care Services Quarterly, 31(2), 111-129.doi: 10.1080/01621424.2012.681526

Humble, Á. M., Keefe, J., & Auton, G. (2012). Caregivers’ retirement congruency: A case for caregiver support. International Journal of Aging & Human Development, 74(2), 113-142. doi 10.2190/AG.74.2.b

Keefe, J., Knight, L., Martin-Matthews, A., & Légaré, J. (2011). Key issues in human resource planning for home support workers in Canada. WORK: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation, 40(1), 21-28. doi:10.3233/WOR-2011-1203

Research Grants

Nominated Principal Applicant & Scientific Lead: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) (May 2016- April 2020). Team Grant: Late Life Issues. Seniors- adding life to years (SALTY). (CIHR Request: $1,397,931; AIHS Partner Funds: $200,000, Alzheimer Society of Canada Partner Funds: $37,500, MSFHR Partner Funds: $200,000, NSHRF Partner Funds: $200,000).

Principal Applicant: Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation (NSHRF) (June 2015 – June 2016). Research Enterprise Development Initiatives (REDI) Team Development Award. Research to understand the effectiveness of home supports & services: A Nova Scotia team development initiative. ($9, 984.40)

Co-Investigator: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Insight Grant. The next generation of retirees: How will demographic trends affect the timing of retirement of Baby Boomers and their standard of living? ($315, 344) (PI: Carriere, Y.)

Co-Principal Investigator: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) (Jun 2014 to May 2017). Partnerships for Health System Improvement (PHSI) Advice seeking networks in long term care. ($615,000) (PI: Estabrooks, C.A.)

Co-Investigator: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) (2014-2018). Canadian Consortium of Neurodegeneration and Aging TEAM 18: Dementia family caregivers who are employed in the Canadian workforce ($744,123) (PI: J. Savoy, et al.)

Co-Investigator: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) (2015-2018). Transitional Open Operating Grant Competition: Improving Nursing Home Care through Feedback On PerfoRMance Data (INFORM). ($756,827) (Nominated PI: Estabrooks, C.A) PI: Wagg, et al.


    Department of Family Studies and Gerontology
    Mount Saint Vincent University 
    166 Bedford Highway 
    Halifax, Nova Scotia 
    Canada B3M 2J6

    Department telephone (902) 457-6321 
    Department fax (902) 457-6134 
    Main office: Evaristus Hall, room 318