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The only Child and Youth Study program

in Atlantic Canada

What is Bachelor of Arts (Child and Youth Study)?

A university degree that is nationally and internationally recognized for employment in a variety of programs and services such as early childhood, child and youth work, mental health, recreation, family support, early intervention and inclusive development.

DISTANCE: The degree can be completed on-line, however, some courses need to be substituted for others. Contact the Department for details. All CHYS Distance courses are "live" classes provided through Moodle/Collaborate. Some required courses provided by other programs, such as Psychology and Sociology, are in Downloadable Video format.

What you need to get started (and to use as reference throughtout the CYS program):

Financial Support:  Government financial support: ECE training; continued education funding.

Three Department awards and availability of over 32 MSVU awards and prizes.

Who should take Child and Youth Study?

Those who are passionate about supporting the well-being of children and youth!

What can I do with a Child and Youth Study degree?

Find regional, national and international opportunities in hospitals, emergency shelters, treatment facilities,  independent schools, early childhood and family centres, recreation facilities, early intervention and special needs programs, addiction and mental health services.

Who are Child and Youth Study Graduates?

• Are life-long learners, professional in their fields, and advocates for children and youth! 

• Are sought after for employment in licensed early childhood care and education programs, and child and youth residential treatment services because the Nova Scotia government recognizes the Child and Youth Study degree for: 

      - Level 3 classification for employment in licensed child care facilities AND 

      - Levels 3 and 4 classification for employment in its child and youth therapeutic residential treatment centres and secure care facilities.

See what our graduates are doing!

Why choose Child and Youth Study at Mount Saint Vincent University

Why else?

  • Accepts college and university transfer credits.
  • Distance as well as day and evening on-campus course options.
  • Can be completed on a full or part time basis.
  • Can minor in subjects such as psychology, sociology, family studies and gerontology.

What universities and college transfer credits do we accept?

The Mount welcomes students with beginnings at other universities or colleges with open arms. We're a small campus on the water with a close-knit student community just a few minutes away from the beautiful city of Halifax. Click here for all the details!

What can I study after completing the Child and Youth Study program?

A few examples of our graduate’s continuing education pursuits: 

• Bachelor of Education (Elementary) 

Master of Arts, Child and Youth Study 

• Master of Science, Speech and Language Pathology 

• Occupational Therapy 

• Montessori training 

• Nursing 

• Social Work 

• Applied Behaviour Analysis 

• Business 

Thinking of graduate school? Or have a desire to immerse yourself in a topic?

Consider registering for the Child and Youth Study Honours Degree: it will allow you to undertake a research project that supervised and supported by a faculty member.