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Dr. Sue McGregor
Professor Emeritus



 Research and Teaching Interests  

  • transdisciplinary inquiry and leadership
  • transformative leadership and learning (and other paradigm shifts)
  • home economics (family and consumer sciences) leadership, education, theory, philosophy and practice
  • consumer morality (reframing consumption)
  • postmodernism, consumerism and a culture of peace
  • consumerism as structural violence and as a sense of entitlement
  • consumer accountability and responsibilities (to balance current focus on corporate social responsibility)
  • globalization, consumerism and the human spirit
  • global, citizenship, and peace educations as they inform living in consumer society
  • consumer studies, policy and education (bankruptcy, consumer debt and e-commerce)


PhD, University of Strathclyde
Docent in Home Economics, University of Helsinki, Finland

Dr. Sue McGregor is a Canadian home economist and Full Professor in the Faculty of Education at Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada. Her current work focuses on pushing the boundaries of consumer research and home economics thinking toward transformative leadership, the critical science approach, transdisciplinary practice, and the new science approach. She is included in the 2005-09 Canadian Who’s Who. She recently published a new leadership book called “Transformative Practice” Http:// She is the Principal Consultant for The McGregor Consulting Group. She recently published her second book, Consumer Moral Leadership, with Sense Publishers

Within the Education Faculty, she provides courses and/or expertise related to: global education theory and pedagogy, globalization and education, the political and power dimensions of education, transformative curriculum leadership, peace and social justice theory and pedagogy, peace in a consumer society Institute, CALM/HPDR, and family studies methods and advanced curriculum.