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What is Science Circles?

It is an evening of hands-on science exploration for students (& teachers!) grades 7-12 . Pizza supper provided. These events are free!

All events are from 6pm -8pm in Room 131 Evaristus Hall MSVU.
Please RSVP as space is limited!

Next Event:

  • January 31: The Exciting World of Skeletons, Embryos and  Fossils with Dr. Tamara Franz-Odendaal

    Millions of years ago the animals on earth were very different.  The study of fossilised skeletons can tell us about the size, age, living conditions, and diet of these creatures.  This information can help us understand animals that are alive today and how the living conditions on earth have changed.  Animal skeletons are very diverse and as a evo-devo biologist, I am interested in understanding what aspect of the organism’s development enabled these skeletons to evolve into such a vast array of sizes and shapes. Come and learn more about this fascinating topic!

RSVP - space is limited

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Special Thanks to NSERC PromoScience for funding

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2017-2018 Upcoming Events:

  • January 31
         Exploring Biology with Dr. Tamara Franz-Odendaal
  • February 28:
         Exploring Physics with Dr. Tina Harriott, Dr. Cherif Matta,                                                          & Dr. Kathy Darvesh
  • March 28:
         Exploring Mathematics with Dr. Danielle Cox
  • April 25:
         Exploring Psychology with Dr. Will Shead & Dr. Dan Seguin