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Beginning in 1988, the Psychology department hosts an annual research conference to showcase our students' research efforts. As part of this conference, the members of the department recognize outstanding students in areas of research, academics and leadership with the presentation of the following awards:

Brenda Milner Award*

Given by the Department of Psychology to an honours student for outstanding performance in the presentation of their thesis at the Annual In-House Psychology Conference. * Award discontinued in 2011

First presented in Spring 1992
1991-1992Margaret Cowan
1992-1993Sheri Mallay & Lauraine Logan
1993-1994Nancy Webber
1994-1995Susan Buffett, Patricia North, & Karen Skene
1995-1996Beverley Lawson
1996-1997Lynda May Endicott
1997-1998Patricia Jones
1998-1999Cathy Parker & Marcia Voges
1999-2000Karen Ketch & Melissa Warner
2000-2001Juanita Whalen
2001-2002Pamela Talbot
2002-2003Jonathan Hall & Glenda Rosborogh
2003-2004Kellie McLeod
2004-2005Ruthmare Adams & Mary Ann Campbell
2005-2006Allison Merritt
2006-2007Sunnetra Veriah
2007-2008Kevin Seamone
2008-2009Heather Moffatt
2009-2010Zbigniew Kowalewski

Fred Harrington Award*

Given by the Department of Psychology to a second-year student who has continued in the psychology program and who showed superior performance in Introductory Psychology

 First presented in Spring 2010*

*From 1992-2009, award was titled "Donald O. Hebb Award"
1991-1992Timothy Charles Hosterman
1992-1993Paige Maryatt
1993-1994Brenadine Wood
1994-1995Dianne Classen
1995-1996David Pound
1996-1997Graham Stewart Cook
1997-1998Tara Harris
1998-1999Suzanne Farmer
1999-2000Pamela Talbot & Denise Richardson
2000-2001Cheryl Techentin
2001-2002Pamela Wamboldt
2002-2003Ruthmarie Adams & Rose Morgan
2003-2004Pamela Blotnicky & Amy Cote
2004-2005Chuck Blazevic
2005-2006Cynthia MacAdam, Natasha Mitrovic, & Drew Rogers
2006-2007Deborah Dickey & Jason Sisk
2007-2008Fahimeh Rezaeian & Lori Robitaille
2008-2009Katelyn Bessette, Hillary Brannen, & Sara Jellicoe
2009-2010Jessica Deviller, Marlaina Morris, & Jan Murphy
2010-2011Sarah Fanning
2011- 2012  Kaitlin Baur
2012 - 2013  Jamie Maher
2013 - 2014  Daniel Godfrey
2014 - 2015  T-Jay Anderson
2015 - 2016 Kaitlyn Napier
 2016 - 2017 Courtney Downey, Adam Mkonde, & Brittany  Murphy 

Rosemarie Sampson AwardGiven by the Department of Psychology to a graduating honours student in psychology who intends to pursue graduate studies, in recognition of academic achievement, excellence in research, and potential for contribution to the discipline of psychology

First presented in Spring 2004
2003-2004Cindy Hamon-Hill
2004-2005Stephanie Jones
2005-2006Diane LeBlanc & Heather Patterson
2006-2007Krista Frazee
2007-2008Megan Rector
2008-2009Alex Siegling
2009-2010Lori Robitaille
2010-2011Brandon Fraser & Sara Jellicoe
2011-2012 Emad Talisman
2012-2013 Sarah Fanning
2013-2014 Emma Ells & Erica Rudolph
2014-2015 Philip Aucoin
2015-2016Ann-Marie Beals
 2016-2017 T Jay Anderson

Book Award for Research Excellence

Formerly known as the Rudy Kafer Award

Given by the Department of Psychology in recognition of superior performance in Advanced Research Methods in Psychology

First presented in Spring 1992
1993-1994Bernadine Wood
1994-1995Julie Quinn
1995-1996Rebecca Fountain
1996-1997Daniel Stephenson
1997-1998Marcia Voges
1998-1999Melissa Warner
1999-2000Audrey Barrett
2000-2001Jane Donovan, Denise Nightingale, & Cheryl Techentin
2001-2002Cindy Hamon-Hill
2002-2003Laura Kindervater
2003-2004Rose Morgan
2004-2005Heather Patterson

(Honourable Mention - Kelli Moriarty)
2005-2006Matthew Tracey
2006-2007Jason Gunter
2007-2008Laura Hambleton
2008-2009Shannon Costelo
2009-2010Sara Jellicoe & Angela Tanner
2010-2011Sarah Brine
2011-2012  Kaitlin Baur
2012-2013 Mallory Guthro
2013-2014  Will Hipson
2014-2015  T-Jay Anderson
2015 -2016 Emily Wood
 2016-2017 Krista Hull


The Student Leadership Award in Psychology

This award is given to a Psychology major who has demonstrated leadership and support of student and departmental initiatives  

 First presented in April, 2011
2010-2011  Elaina Moss
2011-2012 Sarah Fanning & Emad Talisman
2013-2014 Phillip Aucoin
2014-2015 Phillip Aucoin
 2015-2016 Maria Redden & T-Jay Anderson
 2016-2017 Megan Muise