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Dr. Michele Millar


Phone: 902-457-6338 
Office:  EV357

Research Interests:  Statistics

Statistics is the art of turning data into information. Built on a mathematical foundation, statistics involves the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. It is used in academic disciplines from the natural sciences and engineering to the social sciences and humanities and applications abound in government, business, and industry. We see statistics all around us on the internet, on television, in books, magazines, and newspapers as well as in academic journals. Every day we see charts and graphs, hear discussions of results from political surveys, and read about economic, sociological, and market research. A case can be made that every informed citizen needs a fundamental understanding of statistics. A demonstrable knowledge of statistics enhances career prospects and is vital for those going into any research program. The mathematics department offers both a minor and a concentration in applied statistics, and for those who wish to study the subject more deeply, our mathematics major includes additional courses specializing in statistics.


Current research: Statistical Education

Other Research: Biostatistics, Robust Methods for Inference

List of Publications

Millar, Anne Michele, and Bethany J. G. White (2014) How do attitudes change from one stats course to the next Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on teaching Statistics

Millar, Anne Michele, Bethany J. G. White, & Rebecca Romo (2013) Comparing   Apples with Apples: assessing student attitudes in the presence of regression-to-the-mean. Joint Statistical Meetings

Schau, Candace and Michele Millar (2012), Research on Attitudes Towards Statistics. (Editorial) Statistics Education Research Journal 11 (2)

Schau, Candace and Michele Millar (2011), Letter re: component structure of SATS

Statistics Education Research Journal 10(2)

Millar Anne Michele and Candace Schau (2010) Assessing Student Attitudes: the good the bad and the ugly   Proceedings of the Joint Statistical Meetings

Maillet, J. Peggy, Millar A. Michele et al (2008) The Effect of Magnification Loupes on Dental Hygiene Student Posture. Journal of Dental Education 72(1) pp 33-44

Sutow, Elliott J, Maillet, W.A., et al  (2008) Existence of an Electrically Insulating Layer in Amalgam-containing Galvanic couples. Dental Materials 24(7) pp874-879 

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Millar, Anne Michele (2006) Breeding Value Estimation and Biodiversity Considerations in Forest Genetics, Proceedings of the Joint Statistical Meetings

Millar, Anne Michele and Hamilton, David (1999) Modern Outlier Methods and their Effect on Subsequent Inference, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation,64,125-150.