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The Department of Chemistry and Physics is currently accepting applications for teaching assistants and markers for the following course(s):


Step 1:   Click here to get the application as a Word document


Step 2:  Email your application to 

2018 Winter: Laboratory  Marking and TA Positions:  

CHEM105L:LALAB - CHEM 1005de Zoete, JennyM 1:30pm-4:15pmEVAR_109
CHEM112L:LALab - CHEM 1012Resmer, KellyT 5:00pm-7:45pmEVAR_109
CHEM112L:LBLab - CHEM 1012Resmer, KellyTh 9:00am-11:45amEVAR_109
CHEM112L:LCLab - CHEM 1012Resmer, KellyT 1:30pm-4:15pmEVAR_109
CHEM112L:LDLab - CHEM 1012Resmer, KellyTh 1:30pm-4:15pmEVAR_109
CHEM242L:LALab - CHEM 2402Williams, CharlesTh 1:30pm-4:15pmEVAR_101
CHEM312L:LALAB - CHEM 3102de Zoete, JennyF 9:00am-11:45amEVAR_C102
CHEM352L:LALAB - CHEM 3502Resmer, KellyM 1:30pm-4:15pmEVAR_C102
CHEM352L:LBLAB - CHEM 3502Lahsaee-Little, SaraT 1:30pm-4:15pmEVAR_C102
CHEM352L:LCLAB - CHEM 3502Lahsaee-Little, SaraT 5:00pm-7:45pmEVAR_C102
CHEM352L:LDLAB - CHEM 3502Abuzaytoun, ReemW 1:30pm-4:15pmEVAR_C102

2018 Winter:  Lecture Marking Positions:  Please see the Instructor of the lecture