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Present Lab Members


Awatif Abdulmajeed (Dalhousie University)

PhD candidate

     Education: MSc in Biological Sci, Biotechnology,
                         Florida Institute of Technology

                         BSc in Biology, Umm Al-Qura University

     Research: The nature of methane emissions from
                        plants exposed to environmental stress             



Mohammad Abo Gamar (Dalhousie University)

PhD candidate

      Education: MSc in Biotechnology; BSc in Biology,

                  Yarmouk University, Irbid, JO

      Research: Single and interactive effects of temperature,
                         carbon dioxide and watering regime on
                         Arabidopsis thaliana



Ashley Martel (Saint Mary's University)

MSc candidate

     Education: BSc Honours, MSVU

     Research: On the controversy of aerobic methane            
                        emissions: why does performance

                        increase under stress?

     Publication: Martel AB, Qaderi MM (2016)                  
                           Environ. Exp. Bot. 122: 39-48.

Sage Dixon (MSVU)

NSERC USRA student

     Education: BSc Biology, in Progress

     Research: Climate change and crop quality                       


    Sage Dixon-1


Past Lab Members

Research Assistant:

Samantha Strickland, 2014-2015


BSc Honours Students:

Anna Jessop, 2015-2016

Jamie MacDonald, 2015-2016

Sarah Pickrem, 2014-2016

Alexis LeFait, 2014-2015 

Ashley Martel, 2014-2015

Megan Reardon, 2014-2015

Britanie LeFait, 2013-2014

Kuranda Slauenwhite, 2011-2012

NSERC USRA Students:

Amanda Taylor, 2016

Ashley Martel, 2015

Jamie MacDonald, 2015

Samantha Derby, 2014 


Other Summer Students:

Samantha Strickland, 2014

Britanie LeFait, 2013

Victoria Godin, 2013


Directed Studies Students:

Andrew Boudreau, 2013


Directed Research Students:

Britanie LeFait, 2013

Amanda Conrad, 2012

Angela Lynch, 2012

Veronica Waterfield, 2011

Kuranda Slauenwhite, 2011