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Honours Degree

The Honours Thesis in Biology


The honours thesis (BIOL4499) is highly recommended for anyone thinking about going to graduate school or who think they may be interested in research. By doing honours thesis research you will get a taste for what hands-on research is all about.


"Conducting an honours research project provided me with previously unmatched educational opportunities, and enabled me to engage in both scientific and self exploration - it was a learning experience unlike any other"                                                                                                  B. Milligan (2011)


"Doing an Honours degree at Mount Saint Vincint University gave me the opportunity to experience research first-hand. I gained not only valuable skills in the lab, but in writing, organization, and trouble-shooting. It opened new doors to new opportunities and I was better prepared for unlimited possibilities"                                                                                       S. Edsall (2009)


We are proud of our honours students, who have entered the graduate programs at University of Toronto, Dalhousie University, Memorial University; entered the Veterinary program at UPEI; and entered the Medical School at Dalhousie University.


For more information, please speak to one of the Biology Faculty members.

BIOL 3999 Biology Colloquium 

0.5 unit
Prerequisite: Any 2000 level BIOL course
Development of skills in literature research, critical thinking, and evaluation of scientific presentations. Students will be required to make presentations using several different modes of communication.

This course is highly recommended to students wishing to improve their lab report, essay writing and class presentation grades.

Reasons for doing honours:

·       To conduct your own research project

·       To learn to work independently in the lab

·       To gain hands-on experience

·       To be part of a research team

·       To learn valuable scientific skills (writing, presentation skills, critical thinking etc)

·       To find out if you like research

·       To get to know the faculty

·       And to have immense fun…

If you are interested in finding out more about our Honours program,

Please email msvu.ca


 Previous Titles of Honours Theses:

Transmission electron microscopy as a tool for studying cell dynamics in early osteogenic condensations: Trials and tribulations of a classic approach

James Jabalee                                               (supervisor: T. Franz-Odendaal)

Combined effects of temperature and light quality on canola (Brassica napus) seedlings

Kuranda Slauenwhite                 (supervisor: M. Qaderi)

Nesting habitat differentiation of Nova Scotia’s three small cavity-nesting raptors, with an emphasis on the Boreal Owl (Aegolius funureus)Kathleen MacAulay
(supervisor: external)
Patterns of organic nitrogen utilization in fungal root endophytesErica Fraser
(supervisor: G. Kernaghan) 
A descriptive and comparative analysis: Morphological ontogenetic growth of the mandibular and gill arches in Danio rerio and two morphs of Astyanax mexicanus Brittni Milligan
(supervisor: T. Franz-Odendaal)
An investigation of spatial variation in the dietary niche breadth of little brown and northern long-eared bats in eastern Canada using stable isotope analysis Ryan N. Hearn
(supervisor: external)
Assessing the Resource Allocation Regime Between Sexual Reproduction and Vegetative Growth of a Population of Scirpus longii that has Suffered Introgression from Scirpus cyperinus (Cyperaceae) Scott Dickey
(supervisor: R. MacKay)
Fishy Bone Development: Methods of Observing Bone Growth and Remodelling in Teleosts Sara Edsall
(supervisor: T. Franz-Odendaal)
Development of butyrylcholinesterase neuroimaging substrate analogues for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease Eric Joy
(supervisor: external)
 A Comparative Study of Scleral Skeletal Elements in Modern and Fossil Sharks and Fossil Arthrodires Brettney Pilgrim
(supervisor: T. Franz-Odendaal)
Ontogenetic changes in tolerance to herbivory in three ecotypes of Arabidopsis thaliana Caroline Tucker
(supervisor: G. Avila-Sakar
The effects of new technologies and natural antimicrobials on the control of micro-organisms and maintenance of food quality Deana Sharpe
(supervisor: external)


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