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Randi WarneMA, PhD, University of Toronto

Randi Warne serves as the Coordinator of the Cultural Studies program, and as of July 1 became Coordinator of the Graduate Women's and Gender Studies Program.

Dr. Warne’s research interests include religion and culture, gender theory, and the politics of knowledge, including the material and ideological conditions of knowledge production in the academy. Dr. Warne also works in the area of North American cultural history, material change and social reform from the 19th c. onwards, as seen in the newly developed course, "Rap, Resistance, and Religion." She is also a member of the Media and History Committee of the Canadian Historical Association.

Dr. Warne regularly teaches core courses in Cultural Studies: CULS 1101 Cultural Studies: An Introduction; CULS 2201 Critical Debates:Myth America and the senior seminar, CULS 3305 Subcultures.  She also teaches RELS 2201 Evil; RELS 3306 Religion and Popular Culture; RELS 3380 Women, Religion and Social Change; and RELS 3380 Special Topics, one of which is Advanced Evil.

Her publications include:


“Liminal Contradictions”. Invited critical response to Arnal and McCutcheon, The Sacred Is the Profane: The Political Nature of “Religion”. Oxford, 2013 for Method and Theory in the Study of Religion


“The Land of the Second Chance.” In The Prairie West as Promised Land, Francis and Kitzan (eds.), University of Calgary 2007.

“Gender” Guide to the Study of Religion, Braun and McCutcheon (eds), Cassell, 2000.

"Making the Gender-Critical Turn”, Secular Theories on Religion. Jensen and Rotstein (eds,) Copenhagen, Museum Tusculanum Press, 2000.

"(En)gendering Religious Studies", Feminism in the Study of Religion. Darlene Juschka (ed.) Continuum, 2000. Rpt. Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses, 27/4.

Edited volumes:

New Approaches to the Study of Religion (2 vols.) with Armin Geertz and Peter Antes. Berlin: Walter deGruyter  2004.

Telling Tales: Essays in Western Women's History with Cathy Cavanaugh. UBC, 2000.