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Public Policy Studies and Career Options

Delve into real-world problems and issues - health, the economy, foreign affairs, the environment. Examine who makes the rules, how they are made and how they shape our lives. As a Public Policy Studies student, you’ll learn how domestic actors and global forces impact our society and shape our future. Perhaps non-governmental organizations and social activism is more for you?  Public Policy Studies will teach you how to promote a cause and influence government decisions.

Potential careers include:


  • Policy Analysis
  • Civil Service
  • Politics
  • Journalism
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Government Relations
  • Business
  • Law
  • Community Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Public Affairs Specialist in Corporations

The Program includes an mandatory 12-week internship with government agencies or non-governmental organizations. Public Policy Studies is available as a Minor or Major.

Are you interested in public affairs?  Do you enjoy learning about current global issues?  If so, our new Public Policy Studies program can provide you with the perfect combination of education and experience to get you started on your career.
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Public Policy Studies at the Mount is an interdisciplinary program that concentrates on Canadian public policy and global issues. Students enrolled in the program take a range of courses in both political science and economics and choose from a large pool of courses from a number of disciplines.  Students complete the academic requirements with a senior seminar designed to integrate their new-found knowledge and provide them with broadened perspectives on important dimensions of public affairs.

The goals of the Public Policy Studies program are to provide students with sufficient coursework to ensure they develop capacities in such skill areas as critical thinking, policy analysis and communication.  Through this, the program aims to prepare students for potential careers in public service and to be effective participants in democratic society.