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Dr. Tammy Findlay

Dr. Tammy FindlayAssociate Professor & Chair

Department of Political and Canadian Studies



Ph.D. – York University (political science)
M.A. –York University (political science)
B.A. – Huron University Western (political science)

Tammy Findlay grew up in London, Ontario. She came to Halifax from Vancouver, British Columbia, where she did a post-doctoral fellowship in the College for Interdisciplinary Studies’ Human Early Learning Partnership at UBC. Before joining the faculty at the Mount, Dr. Findlay taught at York University, Trent University, and the University of Western Ontario in political science, women’s studies, social science and Canadian studies. She has also worked as a policy researcher for a national social policy organization.

Dr. Findlay teaches the Canadian Studies core courses, and serves as faculty advisor to its majors and the Canadian Studies Student Society.


Professor Findlay’s research interests are in the areas of Canadian politics, gender and politics, gender and public policy, intersectionality, social policy, child care, community engagement, multilevel governance, and women’s representation. Dr. Findlay values interdisciplinary and community-based research that fosters social change, and has been involved in a variety of university and community service.

She is currently working on several projects:

1) Changing Public Services: Women and Intersectional Analysis, with the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women

2) Child Care and Intersectionality: Building Social Policy Solidarity

3) Royal Commission on that Status of Women at 50 (federalism and multilevel governance)

4) Kids In Communities Study (KICS), a collaboration with Australian researchers




Dr. Findlay’s book, Femocratic Administration: Gender, Governance and Democracy in Ontario, is now available from the University of Toronto Press:


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