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Modern Languages Career Options

Knowing What’s Expected

If you love languages, have a thirst for knowledge and want to learn about other cultures, you will enjoy the options that the

Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in French offers.

 A Bachelor of Arts with a Major in French offers a broad background in the humanities and social sciences. As a result, depending on your interests, you may pursue occupations in many sectors such as education, communications, tourism, international development, and the federal civil service.              

Overview of French Program

French programs at Mount Saint Vincent University are oriented towards Canadian reality and needs. By choosing sequences of courses at appropriate levels, students can enrich their general knowledge, strengthen their professional qualifications, or plan a career in French (teaching, translation, speech therapy, writing, tourism and hospitality, public relations, and many more).

French may be taken as a major with honours, as a major in a degree program of 15 or 20 units above Grade XII, as a minor or as an elective at any level consistent with advanced standing and/or permission of the modern languages department.