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The Cultural Studies Committee is a group of faculty from various disciplines who meet regularly to discuss the program's development. The Committee is headed by the program Coordinator, Dr. Randi Warne.

For student advising on Cultural Studies, please contact the Coordinator.

All Committee members may be contacted on courses in their discipline.

Randi Warne, Coordinator of the Cultural Studies programDr. Randi Warne

BA (Winnipeg), MA, PhD (Toronto)

Coordinator, Cultural Studies, Seton 326

Phone: 902-457-6280


Randi Warne serves as the Coordinator of the Cultural Studies program, and as of July 1, 2015 also became Coordinator of the Graduate Women's and Gender Studies Program.

Dr. Warne’s research interests include religion and culture, gender theory, and the politics of knowledge, including the material and ideological conditions of knowledge production in the academy. Dr. Warne also works in the area of North American cultural history, material change and social reform from the 19th c. onwards, as seen in the newly developed course, "Rap, Resistance, and Religion." She is also a member of the Media and History Committee of the Canadian Historical Association.

Dr. Warne regularly teaches core courses in Cultural Studies: CULS 1101 Cultural Studies: An Introduction; CULS 2201 Critical Debates and the senior seminar, CULS 3301/3305 Senior Seminar: Subcultures. She also teaches RELS 2201 Evil; and RELS 3380 Special Topics, one of which is Advanced Evil; and supervises directed studies and theses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Dr. Tammy Findlay

Dr. Tammy Findlay

Canadian Studies, Seton 324

Phone: 457-5402


Dr. Findlay’s research interests are in the areas of Canadian politics, gender and politics, gender and public policy, social policy, community engagement, multilevel governance, and representation. She is currently working on two projects related to democratic governance, social capital, and child care policy in Canada, and is completing a book on women’s representation in the Ontario public service. Findlay values interdisciplinary and community-based research that fosters social change, and has been involved in a variety of university and community service.

Ingrid Jenkner, Director and Curator of MSVU Art Gallery

Ingrid Jenkner

Director, MSVU Art Gallery, Seton 209

Phone: 902-457-6290


Ingrid Jenkner (B.A. Hons., Toronto; M.A. History of Art, London, Courtauld Institute) has been Director/Curator of Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, Halifax, since 1994. She was previously Curator at Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina and at Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph. In addition to her curatorial appointments, Jenkner has taught art history and theory at the universities of Guelph, Regina and NSCAD. She currently volunteers as a Director of the Nova Scotia Masterworks Arts Award Foundation and an advisor to the Nova Scotia Talent Trust.

Having taught the MSVU Cultural Studies seminar Censorship and Art for 13 years, Jenkner started offering the first-year course, Art in Halifax Now, in 2016. Her research interests encompass contemporary Canadian art, second-wave feminist artmaking, and censorship in all of its forms.

Dr. Fernando Nunes

Child and Youth Study, Evaristus 322

Phone: 902-457-6424


Dr. Fernando Nunes holds a Ph.D. (Education and Community Development), and a M.Ed. (Applied Psychology), from the Multicultural Focus of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. His prior research and publications have focused on at-risk immigrant youth, ethnoracial diversity, critical pedagogy, minority academic underachievement, the integration of the Luso-Canadian community and the Portuguese Diaspora. His current research activities focus on minority academic underachievement, the civic and political participation of immigrant youth and an international project dealing with the integration of second-generation Luso-Canadian youth.

Dr. Jonathan Roberts

History, Seton 514

Phone: 902-457-5404


Jonathan Roberts is from Lantzville, British Columbia and he arrived at the Mount in 2008. He holds a BA and an MA from McGill University and a PhD from Dalhousie University.

Jonathan specializes in the history of medicine and religion in West Africa, with a particular focus on the history of healing in Ghana. As part of a project funded by the British Library, he is currently archiving witchcraft trial records held at shrines in Accra, Ghana. He is also interested in the politics of heritage tourism at slave forts in West Africa.

At the Mount, Jonathan teaches courses in African and World history. He has recently taught the following courses: World History, Cultural Encounters in the Modern World, the Early African Past, Modern Africa, and Religions in African History.

Dr. Diane Piccitto

English, Seton 516

Phone: 902-457-6763



Dr. Diane Piccitto is an Assistant Professor in the English Department at the Mount where she has been since the summer of 2015. She has a BA from Trent University, where she studied English and Philosophy, and an MA and PhD in English from Western. Her main areas of research are Romanticism, the poet-painter William Blake, drama and performance, as well as identity, action, gender, and sexuality. In addition to Romantic topics, her teaching and research interested include nineteenth-century literature, Shakespearean drama, queer theory, and film.