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(established in 1993)

Through the support of the Bronfman family, this award provides partial course tuition and full travel costs for a one week in Ottawa, for a student taking Canadian Studies. It is designed to promote Canadian understanding by providing the recipients with the opportunity to realize, physically and academically, exposure to a wider experience and knowledge of Canadian life and to share that knowledge with others.

At present no other university offers such an award. The week in Ottawa is taken during the February break period. Recipients not only get to enjoy the activities of Winterlude, the exhibitions at the National Gallery, Museum of Civilization and Museum of Science and Technology, they also spend a day shadowing a Member of Parliament, another day following the activities of the Senate and a third day visiting the Supreme Court and observing the court in session. The activities for the week are organized by the co-ordinator of the Canadian Studies program, with an eye to the particular interests of the award recipient.

Past Winners

1992 Ian Johnson    2003Tessa Woodworth  
1993Alana Wiens    2004Andrew Thistle  
1994Amanda Singer    2005Sarah Chan  
1995Ronda Hunter    2006Cheryl Ball  
1996Michelle Bellefontaine    2007Ashlea Bungay  
1997Allyson Walker    2008Erica Levy  
1998Jackie Gold    2009Heather Babin     
 1999Stefany David, Denise Zareski    2010Kelsey Iceton
 2000Mary Durant    2011Dustin Joldersma
 2001Franceline Bugge     
 2002Oona Cooper    

For information contact: Dr. Michael MacMillan, Chair, Bronfman Award Committee
DEADLINE: October 24


(established 1984)

This scholarship was established to honour the contribution of Dr. Marial Mosher, long-time member of the Sociology and Anthropology Department and Continuing Education. It is awarded to an academically outstanding student whose Major and Minor work include Canadian Studies and Sociology/Anthropology. The scholarship is awarded annually upon the recommendation of the Sociology/Anthropology Department, normally to a student who has completed 10 full units of study.


(established 2002)

Established by colleagues at Local 14 NSUPE, Halifax Regional Library in memory of Linda Brand. In celebration of her commitment to her family, community and continuing education, this bursary is available to mature students majoring in Canadian Studies.