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Limited funding is available for graduate students to supplement thesis research and for conference attendance.

Graduate Thesis Funding

Graduate students are eligible to claim certain expenses related to their thesis work. The following research related expenses are eligible for claims for reimbursement:

  • travel for data collection
  • printing
  • photocopy cards
  • mailing
  • telephone cost
  • minor items of equipment (e.g., tapes, disks)
  • transcription cost 

The maximum amount allowable for any individual student is normally $200. Students may make claims in excess of $200 and any balance remaining in the fund at the end of the year may be distributed at the discretion of the Graduate Studies Scholarships, Assistantships, and Awards Committee.

Applications must be submitted on the application form which requires a signature from the Supervisor to confirm that the research has been approved and that the expenses are justified. All claims must be made after the expense has been incurred and must be accompanied by receipts for every item claimed.

Applications for reimbursement of expenses must be accompanied by confirmation that the research has been approved by the University Ethics Research Board and the thesis committee (or relevant faculty member).

Download the application form »

Graduate Conference Funding

The Graduate Studies Scholarships, Assistantships, and Awards Committee has allocated funding to support graduate students who are presenting their Master's thesis research at scholarly conferences.

The following conference related expenses are eligible for claims for reimbursement:

  • transportation cost
  • accommodations
  • conference registration

The maximum allowable amount for an individual student is $250. Individual students may apply one time only during their enrolment in their program of study for this funding.

To be eligible students must:

  • be registered in a Masters degree with a thesis requirement,
  • have the approval of their thesis supervisor,
  • provide proof of acceptance of their paper/poster,
  • submit a completed application form two months prior to attending the conference, and
  • submit receipts together with a copy of the approved application form and proof of presentation of paper/poster

Please note that funding is limited. Applications will be approved subject to funding availability.

Download the application form »

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