Welcome to the Interfaith Peace & Friendship Centre

Third Prize Winner of the 2016 King Abdullah II World Interfaith Harmony Prize

with Interfaith Harmony Halifax and Other Community Partners IPFC Award Group Photo

IPFC Border 2 JPEG fileThe Interfaith Peace & Friendship Centre (IPFC) offers interactive, engaging educational experiences at the Mount. We are dedicated to fostering compassionate, inclusive relationships with self, and others of diverse beliefs through awareness, respect and appreciation. We do this through collaborating on campus and in the wider community to offer interfaith programming and opportunities to learn about and get to know each other. Programs and events are open and welcoming to all people.

Mission Statement

The mission of the IPFC is to foster compassionate inclusive relationships with self and others of diverse religions, faiths and secular beliefs through awareness, respect and appreciation.

Peace Room

The hub of our educational experiences is the Peace Room. It’s purpose is to offer an environment that helps us cultivate peace, harmony and compassion in our lives, relationships, community and world.

By day, the room is primarily kept in quiet to facilitate a turning inward for prayer, reading, reflection, meditation and rest for people of all faiths and beliefs, whether spiritual or secular. During the evening and weekend, it is used for related classes, meetings or events.

The inaugural event in the Peace Room was the World Religion Day celebration in 2011. This event planted the seed for the interfaith growth which has blossomed into an international award winning campus-community collaboration, namely Interfaith Harmony Halifax and its UN World Interfaith Harmony Week program.

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