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Mandatory Forms

Interested in becoming a Mount Mystic Varsity Student Athlete?

All Student Athletes are required to complete the following documentation to play.

BEFORE signing: please read each form carefully and discuss with your parents and/or guardians.


Forms that can be completed in advance. 
*Please book an appointment with your physician as their signature will be needed.
* These forms can be completed, signed and emailed to , prior to your arrival on campus.

MSVU Student Athlete Profile

MSVU Student Athlete Medical Form

MSVU Release Signature Form

CCAA Student Athlete Consent Form


WAIVERS that are to carefully read and reviewed prior to arrival on campus:
*These waivers will be completed in-person and witnessed by an Athletics Staff member, prior to your participation in any MSVU activity.

*Please DO NOT rush.  These are important WAIVERS and we want to make sure you have adequate time review, understand and consult an attorney if needed. Please note: The “MSVU University Activities Waiver-Athletics Department” waiver contains information regarding participation in activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Complete in-person. This is for review only:  MSVU University Activities Waiver – Athletics Dept

Complete in-person. This is for review only:   MSVU Athletics & Recreation Facility Release Agreement


If you have any questions, please email