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Grades - Pass/Fail Information for Fall 2020

Due to COVID-19, all students registered for the Fall 2020 term have been given the option to request a “P” (Pass) for their Fall courses. Requesting a ‘Pass’ instead of a letter grade.


How do I submit my requests?

When do I submit my request?

  • After you have received ALL of your grades for the Fall 2020 term.
  • Between January 7 and January 21.

When is the deadline to submit my request(s)?

  • January 21, 2021 at 4:30pm.

I have a grade of ‘INC” or ‘DEF’ for my course. Can I still request a grade change?

  • Yes, students with grades of ‘INC’ or ‘DEF’ can request a grade change AFTER they complete the course and receive a final letter grade of ‘D’ or above (i.e. ‘B-‘ for graduate students).

Who can request a grade change?

  • Undergraduate students who have received a grade of ‘D’ or higher
  • Graduate students who have received a grade of ‘B-‘ or higher

When will I see the grade change on my transcript?

  • Grades will be recorded on transcripts starting on January 22.
  • It may take up to five business days before you see the change on your transcript.

I requested a ‘P’ for a course. Can I change my mind after the deadline?

  • No, once grade changes have been recorded, they are final.

Will a change to a ‘Pass’ affect my GPA?

  • No, a ‘Pass’ or ‘P’ notation on your transcript is GPA neutral, which means it does not affect your GPA.

Will a change to a ‘Pass’ affect admissions to another program?

  • Check with the institution before taking a “P” – keep grades that meet or are above the GPA admission requirement.

Should I change my grade to a ‘Pass’

  • A GPA of 1.7 or higher is considered good academic standing. If a grade for a course would drop your GPA below a 1.7, take the “Pass”.
  • Keep grades that will increase your GPA; that is, grades that are higher than your current cumulative GPA
  • Some Departments may advise against converting to a grade or “Pass” – check with your Department if you are planning an internship, co-op or practicum placement.

I am on Academic Probation. What should I do?

  • You can increase your GPA by keeping a grade of “C- or above”

I am repeating a course. Should I request a change to a ‘Pass’?

  • If you failed the course previously, but passed the course the second time, the ‘F’ grade will no longer be counted in the GPA. This will automatically increase your GPA. Deciding whether or not to choose the ‘Pass’ option instead of a grade depends on the grade you received in the course. See previous point “Should I change my grade to a ‘Pass’ ” for more information.
  • If you passed the course previously and are hoping to increase your GPA, choosing a ‘P’ will not increase your GPA. In that case, you may want to consider keeping your letter grade.

How does a ‘Pass’ affect my renewable scholarship?

  • To renew your scholarship, you must have original grades in 2.0 units (i.e. four courses) of coursework this academic year (Fall and Winter combined). Your Term GPA must meet the 3.50 or 3.70 requirement (depending on year of study).
  • Students registered with Accessibility Services who have a renewable scholarship must have original grades in 1.0 unit (i.e. two courses) of coursework this academic year

How do I know what my Current GPA is?

  • You can see your current and cumulative GPA on MyMount under Academic transcript

How do I check how my letter grade converts to a GPA scale?

  • Review the GPA chart on page 30 of the undergraduate academic calendar.
  • You can check whether your grades are higher or lower than your GPA prior to the Fall semester
  • Use the GPA Calculator tool at to determine how taking a ‘Pass’ will impact your GPA

I need help figuring out whether or not to convert my grade to a ‘Pass’!

  • Book an appointment with an Academic Advisor by accessing our online appointment booking page or emailing

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