Withdrawal From University

Students who register and decide not to attend the university or choose to withdraw during the year must inform the Registrar’s Office in writing with a withdrawal form or letter.

Please note: Non-attendance at classes does not constitute withdrawal.

Students must let the Registrar’s Office know that they’re planning to drop a course. There are three ways to do that: by filling out a course change form; by letter; or by dropping the course via myMount. Students who stop their studies without formally withdrawing are not eligible for financial adjustments. Students are advised that financial adjustments are calculated using the tuition refund schedule shown in this section. The withdrawal date is the date recorded by the Registrar’s Office when the course change form is received or the date on which the drop is done via myMount. Students are also advised to ensure that their account is cleared with Financial Services when withdrawing from the University.

Financial Services will not process adjustments to tuition fees until a copy of the letter of withdrawal or the withdrawal form has been received from the Registrar’s Office.

Tuition Refund Schedule

Withdrawal Date Fall Winter
Up to September 13 100% 100%
September 14 to September 20
80% 100%
September 21 to September 27
60% 100%
September 28 to October 4
30% 100%
October 5 to January 15
0% 100%
January 16 to January 22 0% 80%
January 23 to January 29
0% 60%
January 30 to February 5
0% 30%
After February 5
0% 0%

Co-op Work-Term Withdrawals

Co-op students who take part in the preparatory work in order to go out on a work-term and then don’t go on the work-term will be assessed a prorated fee based on the duration of the preparatory work and the co-op work term. Please check with Financial Services or the Co-op Office for details.

Residence Withdrawals

A student withdrawing from residence must have an exit interview with the housing manager and complete a withdrawal questionnaire prior to leaving residence. Students withdrawing from residence at any time after they move in will have to pay for that room for the entire eight months of the academic year, unless there are no vacancies in residence and an off-campus replacement can be found to take their vacated space.

Meal Plan Refunds

Students withdrawing from the University may receive a refund of the balance of meal charges on a proportional basis, at the discretion of the University. The refund will be prorated based on the average anticipated usage by students, type of plan, and the withdrawal date from the plan.

Please note: All students withdrawing from the University and residence are responsible for contacting the Housing Office and Financial Services to ensure final settlement of their student account.