A leader in your school and community

Mount Saint Vincent University is pleased to offer the Student Leadership Awards to new students who have exhibited high standards of leadership and achievement prior to attending the Mount. The Student Leadership Awards consist of a room in residence at no charge. The number of awards available may vary from year to year.

Leadership can be demonstrated in areas such as:

  • School leadership, eg: participation on Student Council or membership in school clubs;
  • Volunteer activities in your community, e.g. work at a food bank, local hospital or church;
  • Participation in arts activities, eg: membership in a band, choir or creation of visual arts;
  • Participation in sports either as a player or coach/manager;
  • Political involvement at the municipal, provincial or federal level;
  • Participation in the activities of non-governmental organizations such as OXFAM,
  • Canada World Youth, Canadian Red Cross.

Student Leadership Awards consist of a room in residence at no charge subject to the following criteria:

  • The award consists of the room only, award recipients will be required to purchase the minimum meal plan associated with the room
  • The award will be for one academic year only, it is not renewable;
  • Recipients must be entering their first year of study at the Mount;
  • Recipients must meet all the normal academic requirements for admission to the Mount;
  • While in receipt of the award, recipients must remain in good academic standing in their program of study, i.e. recipients may not be on academic probation;
  • Recipients must maintain full time student status while in receipt of the award;
  • Recipients will meet with the leadership group once per term and will liaise with an advisor on a per term basis.

Students interested in the Student Leadership Award should provide the following no later than March 1:

  • A completed Student Leadership Award Application Form;
  • A 500-word letter of intent (see application form for details);
  • A detailed resume (see application form for details);
  • Two letters of reference from people who are familiar with your achievements.

Applications should be sent to ose@msvu.ca or mailed to:

Office of Student Experience, EMF 108
Mount Saint Vincent University
166 Bedford Highway
Halifax NS  B3M 2J6

Leadership Award Application Form (PDF)

Application Deadline: March 15