Graduate Student Scholarships

Mount Saint Vincent University offers several scholarships and bursaries to new and continuing graduate students.

Who is eligible to receive internal scholarships?

Both domestic and international students in thesis-based and course-based programs are eligible to receive some of our many internal scholarships.

To be eligible to receive most internal scholarships, graduate students must be enrolled full-time, though some are offered to both full-time and part-time students. Only the Adah Ruth Spencer Memorial Scholarship in Graduate Education is available exclusively to part-time graduate students.

What scholarships are available to new students?

Entrance Scholarships

Full-time graduate students who are accepted to a thesis-based program at the Mount no later than May 15th of each year will automatically be considered for our entrance scholarships:

  • Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Graduate Scholarships
    Full-time students entering a thesis-based program in September of each year are eligible to be considered. Entering GPA, letters of reference, and the statement of intent provided as part of a student’s application, along with program recommendation, will be used to select the recipients.
  • Harvella Endowed Scholarship
    This scholarship is awarded in September to a full-time student who is entering a Master of Arts or Master of Science degree program, and who has demonstrated academic excellence.
  • Graduate Women’s Studies Scholarship
    This scholarship is awarded in September to a full-time student beginning the Master of Arts in Women & Gender Studies program.
  • Graduate Entrance Scholarships
    Four graduate entrance scholarships are awarded in September to students who are beginning a thesis-based program (their first Master’s degree program), and who have the highest entering GPA.

BMO Financial Group Endowed Graduate Scholarship

In September, new full-time domestic and international Master of Arts, Master of Science and Research Master of Arts students can apply for the BMO Financial Group Endowed Scholarship.

Established by BMO Financial Group in support of the University’s capital campaign, Building Tomorrow Together, this scholarship recognizes the Bank’s commitment to academic excellence and to its passion for learning. Awarded annually to full-time students entering a Masters of Arts or Science program who have demonstrated academic achievement and qualities of leadership. This scholarship is awarded based on the recommendation of the Graduate Studies Committee.

What scholarships are available to continuing students? How can graduate students apply for them?

Students may be automatically considered for some awards, but may need to submit an application for others. When applications are open for these awards, application forms are available from Department and program offices, the Deans’ Office (Seton 302), from the Groodle, the Moodle site for graduate students, or from the list below.

Continuing students from all graduate programs should apply for these scholarships:

Graduate Merit Scholarships:

The Graduate Studies Scholarships, Assistantships & Awards Committee announces a competition for Graduate Merit Scholarships for graduate students for 2022-2023.

Value: $1,000.00

Eligibility to apply, Graduate students must have:
– maintained continuous registration throughout the 2021-2022 academic year
– a minimum of 2.0 units of graduate coursework completed by April 30, 2022 and be in good academic standing
– outstanding academic record(s)
– demonstrated that they will make a significant contribution to their disciplines/fields.

Graduate students who are awarded a graduate merit scholarship must maintain continuous registration throughout the tenure of the award. This requires registration in at least one unit of coursework in the academic year (September 1, 2022-August 31, 2023). An active thesis registration or registration in a thesis continuation is considered as continuous registration.

Graduate Merit Scholarship Application (PDF)

Adah Ruth Spencer Memorial Scholarship in Education

Established through a bequest from the Estate of Adah Ruth Spencer, this Scholarship is awarded to a student enrolled in a Master’s Degree in Education. Preference will be given to a mature student with teaching experience who is pursuing studies part-time.

E. Kathleen (Beth) Manthorne Endowed Graduate Scholarship

Established in memory of Elizabeth Kathleen Manthorne, two scholarships awarded annually to students registered in the Master of Arts in School Psychology, the Master of Arts (Child and Youth Study) or the Master of Education (Educational Psychology, Concentrations in the Education of the Blind and Visually Impaired or the Deaf and Hard of Hearing). Applicants should demonstrate high academic achievement and an intention to contribute to the education of children with sensory, perceptual or learning difficulties in their research or work.

Catherine Anne Godwin Memorial Endowed Graduate Scholarship

Established through a bequest from the late Catherine Anne Godwin, BSc in Home Economics ’61 in recognition of her love for the profession of dietetics, this Scholarship is provided to two full-time students enrolled in the Master of Science in Applied Human Nutrition with internship, who have demonstrated a commitment to the profession, independence in achieving learning outcomes and who show potential to contribute to practice-based research. To be eligible, students must hold good academic standing and maintain continuous registration as well as have completed a minimum of 1.5 units of course work.

M Jane Egan Memorial Endowed Graduate Scholarship

Established by a bequest from the late Dorothy H. Egan (class of 1935) in memory of her daughter, the late M. Jane A. Egan, this scholarship will be awarded annually, on the recommendation of the Graduate Studies Committee, to a full-time student enrolled in the Master of Applied Human Nutrition degree program who has demonstrated outstanding academic excellence.

Naomi Hersom Endowed Scholarship

Established by her many friends and colleagues to honour Dr. Hersom’s term as seventh president and vice-chancellor of Mount Saint Vincent University from 1987-1991.
According to her wishes, this scholarship is designated for students enrolled in the Graduate Education program with first preference given to women intent on pursuing careers in the field of education.

Patricia S. Barnes Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Established in recognition of Pat’s enormous contribution to literacy education in Nova Scotia, this award is available to practicing teachers involved in the MEd or MA programs in literacy or elementary education (language arts specialization) who have demonstrated both a commitment to innovation in

Child & Youth Study Graduate Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship, established by the Child & Youth Study faculty, is awarded to a student who has completed at least 3.0 units towards the MA(CYS). The scholarship is awarded annually to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence and whose thesis research promises to contribute to the development of the field. All proposals successfully defended in any given calendar year may be considered for the scholarship. Application Deadline: January 15

Douglas Hideo Shinyei Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Established in loving memory of Douglas Hideo Shinyei by his wife, Martha Shinyei and his mother, Ann Shinyei. This scholarship is awarded annually to a mature male student currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts, combined major, minor or concentration in Gerontology or the Master of Arts in Family Studies and Gerontology, who has demonstrated a commitment (through volunteer or paid employment) to assisting the interests of the elderly. Mature students must submit a résumé detailing their previous academic achievements and educational goals in the field of gerontology. Recipients are chosen by the undergraduate Committee on Admissions and Scholarships.

George Cheong and Sons Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Established to commemorate the contribution of Dr. George S.C. Cheong to the graduate program in education and in memory of his sons, Philip and Patrick. The scholarship is awarded to a professional educator pursuing graduate studies in educational psychology at Mount Saint Vincent University.

John Ardenne Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Women

Established by Louise Ardenne (BA ’89), family and friends as requested by and in memory of Louise’s husband, John Ardenne. Awarded annually to a female graduate student, enrolled in the Women and Gender Studies program, who has demonstrated academic excellence and a commitment to working on behalf of women. Commitment to women’s issues in the following areas may be considered: poverty, violence, education, health, work, the arts, race and class, the law and community activism. Applicants must submit a résumé and supporting materials which demonstrate their commitment to these issues. Recipients are chosen by the Graduate Studies Scholarships, Assistantships and Awards Committee on the recommendation of the Graduate Women and Gender Studies Faculty.

Beacon Securities Endowed Scholarship

In recognition of the University’s capital campaign, Building Tomorrow Together, Beacon Securities Limited established this scholarship to support the women in our community in their pursuit of higher education. Awarded annually, on the recommendation of the Undergraduate Committee on Admissions and Scholarships and/or the Graduate Studies Committee to female students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program who have demonstrated outstanding academic excellence, with preference to female students from the Maritimes who are fluent in English and French.

Shirley Forde Graduate Scholarship in Education

Established by Shirley (Aqui) Forde, BSc ’57, MEd ’62, MEd ’62, this scholarship is awarded annually to a female student pursuing full-time studies in graduate education. Preference will be given to a student enrolled in the Master of Arts in Education program.

For a complete list of internal scholarships, visit the Registrar’s Office’s Graduate Scholarships & Bursaries page.

Who should apply for external scholarships?

Students are encouraged to apply for external scholarships. Some of these funding opportunities are listed below.


The three Canadian research granting councils, The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR), award fellowships and scholarships to Masters and Doctoral students. Students currently registered at a Canadian university must apply through their home University.

  • SSHRC – Doctoral Awards, Fellowships and Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • SSHRC – Masters Awards – Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • CIHR – Canada Graduate Scholarships (Masters)

Other External Scholarships

The following is a partial list of external scholarships available to graduate students at Mount Saint Vincent University. For more information, please go to these awards’ websites, or visit Groodle, the Mount’s grad student community on Moodle.

The Scotia Scholars Awards for Master’s students provide financial support for graduate students performing health research-related study at Nova Scotia universities. Applicants must submit their application packages to the Office of Graduate Studies by 12:00 noon on Friday April 1st, 2016. Apply now »

The DBDLI Graduate Research Fellowship Programme assists students of African ancestry to complete post-secondary education at the graduate level, and provide an opportunity for DBDALI to strengthen its relationship with ‘up and coming’ researchers in the African Nova Scotian community.

Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation Scotia Scholarships

Clean Nova Scotia Scholarship

Canadian Federation of University Women Scholarships and Awards

Soroptimist Foundation of Canada Grants for Women

W.L. Mackenzie King Scholarships

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships

Defence Engagement Program Scholarships

Delta Kappa Gamma World Fellowship

Richard J. Schmeelk Canada Fellowship

Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada Graduate Student Awards of Merit

Scholarships for International Students Canadian scholarships page

Organization of American States Academic Scholarships Program

RBC Students Leading Change Scholarship

When can graduate students apply for and hold scholarships?

Students should refer to the individual application forms for information on criteria to apply for scholarships and criteria to hold scholarships.

To be eligible to hold a scholarship, students must be registered in the year for which the scholarship is awarded. Scholarships are intended for current students, and not as end-of-program awards.

Are graduate students eligible for research and teaching assistantships?

Individual departments and programs may offer graduate students research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and other academic employment. Graduate students should ask their academic advisors, graduate program coordinators, or program assistants if this type of academic employment is available.

The Office of Graduate Studies does not award or administer research or teaching assistantships.

What funding assistance is available to graduate students?

Limited funding is available for graduate students to supplement thesis research and for conference attendance. For information on this funding, visit our Funding Assistance page.

Are there bursaries available to graduate students?

Bursaries are need-based awards intended to assist students in financial difficulty with the costs of attending Mount Saint Vincent University. Graduate students can submit bursary applications to the Financial Aid Office

Learn more about applying for bursaries »

How can the Financial Aid Office help?

The Financial Aid Office can help you with student loans, lines of credit, bursary applications, and budgeting.