Welcome to the MSVU Family!

As the parent, guardian, supporter, or partner of an MSVU student, you’re part of the MSVU family too! Your student is on the start of a new academic journey; one that will involve some change. However, one thing remains true: you’re often your student’s biggest supporter and source of advice and guidance. That’s why we put together this web resource. It’s full of information and tips that you can use to help support your student and guide them to the many different supports available to them as a student at MSVU.

Please remember that we’re here to help! There’s a whole team of people here at MSVU dedicated to supporting your student and helping them find their way at MSVU. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any point!

What to do before September

Do you have a future student planning on going to the Mount? We're here for you and your student. Find out what resources are available to support your child.

Adjusting to University: How You Can Help

Some things to note and tips on how you can help support your student during their first year at MSVU!

Where to find help

Learn more about the dedicated supports and services that can help your student thrive at MSVU!