How much does it cost?

Start with your tuition fees, they are the first costs you’ll need to take into account. After those you’ll need to include any additional costs for books, other fees, equipment and living expenses (accommodation, food, transportation etc).

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How do I pay for it?

We understand that you’re ready to put the time and effort into a university education, but may need some financial help too. Don’t let a lack of financial resources stop you, we can provide many ways to help pay for your education.

Scholarships and Awards

A scholarship is funding that an institution or individual gives you to pay for your education. You don’t have to repay the funding and it’s awarded based on academic excellence and leadership. We award over three hundred scholarships each year.

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Financial Aid

There are other sources of Financial Available, such as bursaries. Bursaries are a little different to scholarships. They are awarded based on financial need only and not on academic merit. Like scholarships they don’t have to be repaid. We award over five hundred bursaries each year. Financial aid also includes loans and subsidies.

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Government Student Loans

A Government student loan can cover some of your educational costs, but not all. They are designed for students who need financial help and they will need to be repaid.

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Contact Us

For questions about Tuition, Fees, Payments and Government Student Loan Payments, contact the Financial Services Student Counter:

Evaristus Hall, Second Floor
166 Bedford Hwy
Halifax, NS B3M 2J6

For questions about Bursaries, Student Works, Scholarships and applying for or appealing a Government Student Loan, contact the Financial Aid Coordinator (located in the Registrar’s Office):

207 Evaristus Hall
166 Bedford Hwy
Halifax, NS B3M 2J6
1-877-733-6788 (option 2)