Where to Find Help

There is an entire team of dedicated people who are here to help your student! One of the most effective ways you can help is to encourage your student to reach out and help them connect with the people who can support them. Not sure where to go? This list highlights some of our key student resources.  You can also reach out to the Mount Mentors (mount.mentor@msvu.ca) or the staff in the Centre for Academic Advising & Student Success (advising@msvu.ca) for referrals to other supports and services

Download a plain text PDF of the Where to Find Help guide for parents and supporters

Getting Started

Help with choosing courses, program planning, course registration

Academic Advising (Seton 303)
www.msvu.ca/advising | advising@msvu.ca | 902-457-6657

Support for students with disabilities and supporters to navigate the academic accommodations process at MSVU.

Accessibility Services (EMF, lower level)
www.msvu.ca/accessibilityservices | accessibilityservices@msvu.ca | 902-457-6567
Book an appointment to connect with an Accessibility Advisor and/or to begin the registration process.

Support for international students: immigration, study permits and visas, adjusting to the Canadian classroom

International Education Centre (Seton Annex)
www.msvu.ca/international | international@msvu.ca | 902-457-5982

Support for First-Year Students

Mount 101

Some of the biggest challenges when starting university are not knowing what to expect and having to learn a new system and approach to learning. To help with the transition, we have a free online support program for all incoming students: Mount 101. Your student will have access to this important – and mandatory – resource in the summer before classes start. It will also remain on their Moodle account so your student can access the information at any time.
www.msvu.ca/mount101 | mount101@msvu.ca | 902-457-5511

Mount Mentors

Have a question? Ask a Mount Mentor! These upper-year undergraduate students can help your student navigate their first year at MSVU. They can answer questions and they provide helpful tips and tricks through the Mount 101 Instagram account (@mount101__msvu). www.msvu.ca/mount101 | mount.mentor@msvu.ca

Academic supports

Support with written assignments, writing at university, presentations, and help understanding assignments.

Writing Centre (EMF 203)
www.msvu.ca/writing | writing@msvu.ca | 902-457-6657

Help with research, citations, accessing resources for assignments

Library (EMF)
www.msvu.ca/library | library@msvu.ca | 902-457-6250

Help with study skills, notetaking, time management, and academics

Learning Strategist (Seton 346)
www.msvu.ca/ls | learning.strategist@msvu.ca | 902-457-6657

Transitioning to Canadian academic culture and language support

International Education Centre (Seton Annex)
www.msvu.ca/international | international@msvu.ca | 902-457-5982

Tutoring and support with specific classes

Tutoring: Nimbus Tutoring app (offered through the MSVUSU)

Supplemental Instruction
www.msvu.ca/si | learning.strategist@msvu.ca | 902-457- 6358

Health & Wellness

Supporting your student’s mental health

Counselling Services (EMF 141)
www.msvu.ca/counsellingservices | counselling@msvu.ca | 902-457-6567

Peer Support
www.msvu.ca/counsellingservices | peer.support@msvu.ca

Physical health and wellbeing

Mount Fitness Centre (Rosaria)
www.msvu.ca/fit | mount.fitness@msvu.ca | 902-457-6358

On-campus physician and healthcare resources

Mount Health Office
www.msvu.ca/healthservices | 902-457-6354


Questions about tuition, fees, payment options including student loan, and deadlines

Financial Services
www.msvu.ca/moneymatters | financial.services@msvu.ca  | 902-457-6277

Questions about scholarships, bursaries, and student loans

Financial Aid
www.msvu.ca/moneymatters | financial.aid@msvu.ca | 902-457-6351

Student Services and Supports

Black Student Support Office (Seton 314)
www.msvu.ca/blackstudentsupport | blackstudentsupport@msvu.ca | 902-457-5547

Campus Security
Emergencies: 902-457-6111 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
Non-emergencies 902-457-6412

Career Services (McCain 312)
www.msvu.ca/careerplanning | counselling@msvu.ca | 902-457-6567

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (EDIA) Hub (McCain 207)

IT Services & Support: IT&S Help Desk
www.msvu.ca/it-services | helpdesk@msvu.ca | 902-457-6538

Kina’masuti aqq Apognamasuti (Learning & Help) Indigenous Student Centre (Melody Drive)
www.msvu.ca/asc | coordinator.isc@msvu.ca | 902-457-6228

Pride Centre (Rosaria 213)
www.msvusu.ca/pride-centre | supride@msvu.ca

Registrar’s Office (Evaristus 204 & 207)
www.msvu.ca/registrar | registration@msvu.ca | 902-457- 6117

Residence Life (Evaristus 201A)
www.msvu.ca/residence | residence@msvu.ca | 902-457-6356


Mount Saint Vincent University Students’ Union (MSVUSU)

The MSVUSU supports and advocates for MSVU students. They offer a range of supports, opportunities, and services, such as: student life events and societies, services such as the student health and dental plan, the campus food bank while providing a voice for students on campus.
www.msvusu.ca | students.union@msvu.ca