Find out what you need to apply

At the Mount, our small class sizes ensure quality teaching. We are a small university, which means that you can be sure that you’re known by your name, not by a number. Classes are small, professors are accessible, and there are many opportunities to be involved in everything from hands-on research to sports and societies.

Get the information that’s right for you:

Canadian high school student

For Canadian high school students, we look at your grade 12 academic courses. However, you should see if there are any provincial requirements as well that you will need to complete.

Transfer / 2+2 student

As a transfer student, you should be aware of the process of getting your transfer credit assessment. You should also find out how many courses can transfer over, and what you will need to complete at the Mount.

International student

For international Students, besides academic requirements, you will also need to complete language requirements, if English is not your first language. Be sure to check out the English Test Score Requirements page.

Mature student

As a mature student, you will be admitted on a case-by-case basis. You should be aware of our definition of a mature student, and what documents you will need to include.

Graduate student admission requirements

Graduate students have different admission requirements than undergraduate students. You should contact the Graduate Admissions Office at, to get more information about required courses.

Information for parents

Do you have a future student looking to go to university and want more information? At the Mount, we strive to make sure you, as parents and guardians, feel like part of our community. The Mount also offers the best of both worlds – a small, rural-feeling campus not far from a vibrant downtown core.