About scholarship and bursary payments

I was awarded an MSVU Scholarship. Why is only half of the scholarship showing on my Account Statement?

If you have returned your signed acceptance letter for an MSVU scholarship or if you are awarded an in-course scholarship, they are posted directly to your student account. Scholarships of $500 are credited to students’ financial accounts before the end of August. Scholarships in excess of $500 are credited to students’ financial accounts in two installments: 50% by the end of August and the remaining 50% in January (after confirming that you are still enrolled in the required number of courses).

I want to pay all of my academic fees in September. Will I be required to pay all of the fees up front and then get a refund in January from the second half of my scholarship?

Even though half of your scholarship is not credited to your account until second term, we do not expect you to pay more than what your total fees would have been if your full scholarship was applied.

I am receiving a scholarship from the local legion. Will that be deducted from my required fee instalment?

If you have external scholarship/bursary awards that are being paid directly to the University on your behalf, you should forward a copy of the letter to Financial Services so that it can be considered as part of your fee instalment. This is also important because, in some instances, the University is required to confirm certain information to the provider of the scholarship in order for them to forward the funds to the University. If the scholarship/bursary will be paid directly to you, it cannot be considered by MSVU in calculating your fee instalment.

I applied for an Entrance Bursary. If I am successful, when will that be credited to my student account?

Entrance bursaries will be applied to student accounts as they are approved by the Financial Aid Office. This should happen through the month of September. The bursary will be applied to any outstanding fees on the student account for the academic year.