The Mount has an extremely limited amount of funding available to offer short-term, repayable emergency loans to full-time students who are experiencing unforeseen or unplanned circumstances (i.e. costs that you could not have anticipated).

Emergency loans cannot be used to cover any outstanding MSVU tuition &/or fees or books (including residence fees/charges). Eligible students can ONLY receive one Emergency loan per academic calendar year (September 1st to August 31st).

How do I Qualify?

  • Students must be currently registered as a full-time student at MSVU
  • The maximum loan amount is $300 (current supporting documentation may be requested)
  • Loans must be repaid after 30 days (interest and late fees will apply if payments are late)
  • Proof of how you intend to repay your loan through supporting documentation is required
  • Students cannot receive an emergency loan if an existing emergency loan is not yet repaid, or if tuition or fees are overdue.
  • Students who have left campus at the end of an academic year with an Emergency Loan outstanding will not be eligible for a loan during the following academic year and may face account restrictions, such as holds and a loss of access to your MSVU online accounts.
  • Students that fail to repay their emergency loan within 30 days will be ineligible to apply for future emergency loans.

How do I Apply?

  • Since this funding is limited in nature, please ensure only to apply if you have a true, emergent situation that could have not been planned for. If you are requesting an emergency loan due to your student loan coming in past the tuition fee deadline, you will only be considered if you show proof that you have applied for your government student loan before or by August 19th (students should always apply for government student loans at least 4-6 weeks in advance of tuition fee deadlines).
  • Email the Financial Aid Office at to request an application form.

If approved, students are issued a cheque typically within 5 business days but is dependent upon university closures and holidays.  As access to campus remains limited, all cheques will be mailed. Please note that we cannot issue on the spot funding.  Direct deposit is not available.