Submitting your Supplementary Information

Review the following information and submit complete documents along with your graduate application for admission. Incomplete information will result in processing delays and may impact your application assessment.

Documents submitted to the Mount become the property of the institution and will not be returned to the applicant. All Mount regulations regarding plagiarism, cheating and misrepresentation apply to any graduate application documents. Refer to the Graduate Academic Calendar for regulation information.

Supplementary Information

If you are applying to a graduate program, download, review and submit all required documentation from the Graduate Supplementary Information Package (PDF) for your specific program.

Applicants to some graduate programs including Research Master of Arts, MA Family Studies and Gerontology, Master of Public Relations, MA Communication, MA School Psychology and MA in Women and Gender Studies may have additional documentation and/or interviews required for their graduate applications. Please consult the Graduate Supplementary Information Package for details.

Language Requirements

Applicants whose first language is not English must submit official test results with acceptable scores. Refer to the Mount’s English Test Score Requirements for more information.

Transfer Credits

If you have completed graduate courses from a recognized university within the last five years that have not been applied towards a previous graduate degree, you may request that they be considered for possible transfer credit. Please provide a written request with your application and include the number, title, and description for each course. Confirmation from the institution that the courses are at the graduate level is required if this is not evident on your transcript.

Transfer credits will be assessed by the academic department to which you are applying. A maximum of 2.0 units of graduate level courses can be transferred into a Mount graduate program. More information regarding transfer credits at the graduate level can be found in the Graduate Academic Calendar.

Internship Education Program, MScAHN degree

The Internship Education Program is open to students applying to or enrolled in the Master of Science in Applied Human Nutrition (MScAHN). To be eligible, students must have fulfilled the undergraduate education requirements set by the Dietitians of Canada (DC). Applicants who are not graduates of a Dietitians of Canada accredited undergraduate program must have a program assessment done prior to admission to the internship.

Application Fee

Remember to pay your application fee online or by contacting Financial Services at