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A Message from Lynn

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The Mount has an established welcoming and vibrant Residence Life community. We offer three options for our students to choose from so that each student has the opportunity to choose a style that best fits individual needs. Besides the obvious benefit of convenience (close to classes, labs, dining hall, library, gym and more) Mount students will tell you living on campus is one of the best ways to become more involved on campus and connect with each other.

Each of our residence areas have a fully trained Residence Life Team of Resident Assistants (RAs) and a supervising Don. These individuals are students as well and they can identify with the needs and issues that our students face on a daily basis.  The Residence Life Team is trained to help ease the transition to university and be a support to our students by fostering both academic and personal growth through programs and leadership. Our team is there for your student as a resource, information source, and friendly face through the academic year. We also have a specific team member, our Academic RA, designated to enhance the residence experience by primarily offering academic, programs, support and guidance throughout the year.

Residence Life, a division of Office of Student Experience, is connected to an even larger team of professionals on campus. As such we work closely with various departments within Student Services such as: Counseling, Disability Services, Health Office, Athletics and Recreation, International Student Center, Career Services, Aboriginal Student Center and Financial Aid to offer the best quality programming and resources that we can to each and every student. 

Living in residence and being a part of the Mount campus community is an opportunity to enhance the university student experience by 

getting involved and make life-long, lasting friendships along the way.

We look forward to having your student live with us and we would welcome the chance to share in their residence life experience!

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Lynn Cashen Basso, BBA ’99, MEd ‘07
Manager, Residence Life 
Office of Student Experience

Residence Life Orientation: Parent Session

The Residence Life Office would like to invite all residence student parents' to the Residence Life Orientation: Parent Session. This Orientation will take place on move-in day from 1:30 - 2:30 PM, in Rosaria 401. The session will give you the opportunity to meet with Residence Life Manager, Lynn Cashen Basso, get to understand the Mounts' Residence Life Community and ask any questions you may have.

2017-2018 Residence Life Handbook

We have put together some information we think will be helpful to your student as they move into residence. The following guidelines are for everyone to follow. If there are some areas you feel are not clearly explained or any rules that seem ambiguous to you, your student can feel free to ask their Don or RA for clarification. The RAs and Dons are here to help your student and make their year the best it can be. They will help you with anything your student needs!