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Residence Handbook

Welcome to residence at Mount Saint Vincent University! Living in residence will add a whole new dimension to your university years. Apart from the convenience of living close to all campus resources (e.g., computer labs, language labs, science labs, library, and gym), you also have the opportunity to become more involved in campus life; investigate the possibilities, take advantage of residence leadership opportunities and make the most of your university experience!


We have put together some information we think will be helpful to you as you move into residence. The following guidelines are for everyone to follow. If there are some areas you feel are not clearly explained or any rules that seem ambiguous to you, feel free to ask your RA or Don for clarification. The RA's and Dons are here to help you and make your year the best it can be. They will help you with anything you need! You can also e-mail with any questions.

Guaranteed, you will leave residence a different person with new friends (some of whom will be your friends for a lifetime!). You will also realize that you have the ability to do more and handle more situations than you ever thought possible.

Residence Life Handbook 2018 - 2019