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Please note that while LimeSurvey is free to use, we regret that IT&S cannot create surveys for you. This is a self-service web application. It is the responsibility of the survey administrators/researchers to create and maintain their own surveys.


For the LimeSurvey Users

LimeSurvey users (not participants) are responsible for:

  1. Requesting a LimeSurvey account and survey from the Research Office
  2. Creating and supporting their surveys
  3. Familiarizing themselves with the online documentation, including LimeSurvey administration, survey creation, survey testing, and data review
  4. Being in compliance with FOIPOP regulations, Mount research ethics standards, and the Mount Password Policy

For Information Technology and Services 

IT&S is responsible for:

  1.  Hosting the LimeSurvey application on a web server in the MSVU data centre
  2. Nightly backups of the surveys and survey data
  3. Creating accounts requested and approved by the Research Office
  4. Providing links to online training resources
  5. Ensuring the security of the survey data and servers
  6. Providing support to the Research Ethics and Quality Assurance LimeSurvey administrators