All Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) faculty, students, administration, and staff who are conducting research with human participants must submit an ethics protocol (application) to the University Research Ethics Board (UREB) for clearance prior to the commencement of the research. Research ethics protocols must be submitted in accordance with the guidelines, policies, and procedures of this committee.

This website will assist you in the planning, completion, and submission of your research ethics application, provide information on the procedures for review, as well as Researcher Responsibilities pre- and post-research ethics clearance.

Please note that on occasion, researchers may find that ethical issues occur while conducting studies/projects that have not received ethical approval from the UREB. If this occurs, contact the UREB as soon as possible to determine if a protocol should be submitted. Research should not continue until this matter is resolved. The UREB will endeavour to process these inquiries as quickly as possible.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, contact Brenda Gagné, Research Ethics Coordinator.

COVID-19 Research Ethics Update


Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) Registration

Type of Assurance: Federal Wide 
Policy Number: FWA00031225
Expiry Date: May 5, 2026

Type of Assurance: Institutional Review Board 
Policy Number: IRB00013058
Expiry Date: April 13, 2024

For more information on our UREB’s FWA or IRB certifications, please click here.

Visit the Office of Human Research Protection here .

The Research Ethics Office is funded, in part, by the Research Support Fund.