Research Ethics review safeguards all participants, human and animal, by reducing their exposure to risk or harm.

Research Ethics at MSVU is governed by the University Research Ethics Board (REB) and administered by the Research Ethics Office. This office also provides consultation and education about Research Ethics, policies, procedures and best practices.

Research Ethics at MSVU involves both human research (governed by the University Research Ethics Board – UREB) and animal research (governed by the Animal Care Committee – ACC). These committees review all faculty, student and staff research studies that involve human participants and/or their data, as well as animals.

All research involving humans or animals that is conducted under the auspices and/or jurisdiction of MSVU must comply, at minimum, with the following requirements, and receive ethics clearance from the appropriate research ethics boards prior to beginning their research:

Tri-Agency Framework: Responsible Conduct of Research
Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans
Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC)

Laboratory Safety and Resources at MSVU

(for Teaching Labs and Research Labs)


Brenda Gagné, Research Ethics Coordinator      or

Office Locator: Evaristus #238

Telephone: 1-902-457-6350