Home Care Pathways Project

iStock_000026355963LargeUnderstanding clients’ journeys through provincial home care systems is critical to providing good quality care. “How approaches to care shape the pathways of older adult home care clients” (or “Home Care Pathways”) is an interdisciplinary research project being conducted in Nova Scotia and Manitoba. The goal is to understand how approaches to care shape client pathways of older adult home care clients with chronic and long term conditions through the home care systems in the two provinces.

iStock_000017050592Large cropThe interdisciplinary team includes researchers from Nova Scotia and Manitoba and sector representatives at the provincial and national level. The project uses a mixed method approach which includes analysis of home care client data, case studies, and policy analysis.

The project is funded through a Project Grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2018 through to 2022.

What’s New:

The Disparities in Utilization of Psychiatry Services Among Home Care Clients video is now available. To view click here.

Welcome to Dr. Stephanie Mason, Postdoctoral Fellow, who will be supporting the team with its dissemination work.

Welcome to Dr. Lauren Spring, Postdoctoral Fellow, who will be supporting the work of the Care Constellations working group.

Co-investigator Dr. Lori Mitchell, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Home Care Program presented on behalf of the Data Stream on October 22nd at the Canadian Association on Gerontology Annual Conference. The presentation (virtual) entitled Mapping older home care clients’ pathways in the health care system: A tale of two provinces, will be part of the conference session on Home Care Experiences of Older Adults and Caregivers.

Study findings about home care client psychiatric diagnoses and other mental health symptoms and their psychiatry service utilization published in Frontiers in Psychiatry  https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyt.2021.712112/full

Care Constellation team have completed the final interviews (Time 3) with members of the care constellations in Nova Scotia and Winnipeg.

Recruiting for Postdoctoral position: How Approaches to Care Shape the Pathways of Older Adult Home Care Clients
For more information : HC Pathways-PDF Recrtmnt_25Jan2022

Stream updates

The Data Stream: Analysis of home care client data is underway at both sites. The results will provide insights into home care client characteristics and their interactions with other health resources, such as physicians and hospital emergency departments, over a four-year period.

The Care Constellations Stream: The Care Constellation team is analyzing interviews of members of the 12 care constellations in Nova Scotia and Winnipeg across the three data collection points.

The Policy Stream: The Policy Stream is interviewing key stakeholders in Nova Scotia and Manitoba to address questions about home care policy and practice.

Team activities:

November 2021 – The full team came together virtually.

September 2021 – Article published in Frontiers in Psychiatry https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyt.2021.712112/full

May 2021 – The full team met virtually to share findings, particularly insights from Care Constellation T2 interviews.

November 2020 – The full team met virtually to share research findings and opportunities for integration and to discuss impact of COVID-19 on the project’s time line.

June 2020 – Study protocol released https://doi.org/10.1186/s12913-020-05363-7d

June 2020 – The full team came together virtually to share research findings and planned for the final two years of the project.

May 2019 – Oral presentation by Susan Stevens and Janice Keefe at the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and Policy Research (CAHSPR) Conference in Halifax on the overall project with focus on the role of the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

May 2019 – Oral presentation by Jeff Poss of preliminary findings of the WRHA client data analysis to stakeholders at a meeting hosted by Janice Keefe and Vicki Elliott-Lopez at the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness.

June 2019 – Poster of the overall project displayed at the Nova Scotia Health Authority Annual General Meeting

DSC_1300 Full team meeting September 27 & 28, 2018:

L to R, back row: Susan Stevens, Nick Monaghan, Susan Shanks, Rebecca Visser. L to R, middle row, second from back: Lori Mitchell, Kaitlyn Obedzinski, Glenda Keenan, Greta Davis, Martha MacDonald
L to R, middle row, second from front: Lucy Knight, Kathryn Graves, Marilyn Macdonald, Michelle Lobchuk. Front: Julie Donaldson, Laura Funk, MJ MacDonald, Janice Keefe
Missing from photo: Heather Armstrong, Barb Baker, Beverley Brown-Sweeting, Angus Campbell, Maureen Henson, Scott Lewin, Grace Warner