Integrity in Research & Scholarship

The University is a primary social institution engaged in the search for and transmission of knowledge and understanding. Research, scholarship, and education are the main means through which these are sought and expressed. Academic and intellectual freedoms, including independence of inquiry, provided through and defended by the University Community are essential in these pursuits. These freedoms underwrite the breadth, depth, and dynamism of the University’s intellectual and educational work, assuring an open, welcoming, and supportive climate and culture of scholarly inquiry and debate. These freedoms also oblige the University to situate honesty, transparency, responsibility, and accountability within the very essence of their pursuit, representation, and communication of knowledge and understanding. Arguably, public, educator, student, and research scholar confidence in and support of the University Academy reside, to a large extent, in the belief that integrity characterizes the conduct of research and scholarly comportment.

Mount Saint Vincent University is committed to excellence in research and education, expressing the highest standards of research and scholarly integrity. As such, the Mount expects all members of the University community to comport themselves with respect to the highest standards of behaviour in the conduct of research and scholarship.

The development of this document, Guidelines, Policies and Procedures for Integrity in Research and Scholarship, has benefited directly from similar documents developed and made public by other Canadian universities and the national research councils. The Mount’s Guidelines, Policies and Procedures for Integrity in Research and Scholarship does not supersede or replace any provisions concerning similar matters that may be incorporated within existing collective agreements or Senate policy, for example, Policies and Procedures: Ethics Review of Research Involving Humans. The provisions contained herein are intended to provide appropriate clarity, specifications and guidance.

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