Integrity in Research & Scholarship

Research, scholarship, and education are the main means through which the search for transmission of knowledge and understanding are sought and expressed. Academic and intellectual freedoms such as independence of inquiry are essential in these pursuits. Freedoms and privileges afforded to academic researchers at Canadian post-secondary institutions are acknowledge and respected by MSVU. Thus, these freedoms also oblige the University to situate honesty, transparency, responsibility, and accountability throughout research, scholarship, and educational pursuits.

Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) is committed to the highest standards of responsible conduct of research as a community, departmental/program, and individual duty and responsibility. MSVU’s Policy on Responsible Conduct of Research provides information about the meaning of responsible conduct of research and how to foster and achieve research integrity. MSVU expects all members of the University community to comport themselves with respect to the highest standards of behaviour in the conduct of research and scholarship.

MSVU’s Guidelines, Policies and Procedures for Integrity in Research and Scholarship was developed in consultation with similar documents from the University of Toronto, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and the  Tri-Agency Framework for the Responsible Conduct of Research. MSVU’s guidelines do not supersede or replace guidance outlined in the Tri-Agency Framework and are intended to assist academics in interpreting and applying rules for the responsible conduct of research.