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Terms of Reference for TMC Equity Advisory Board with Lived Experience 

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PDF version: TMC Equity Advisory Board with Lived Experience Terms of Reference

Word version: TMC Equity Advisory Board with Lived Experience Terms of Reference


Download application form (Word doc): TMC Equity Advisory Board with Lived Experience Application Form

Transforming Military Cultures (TMC) is a network of Canadian and international academic researchers, defence scientists, military members, veterans, and people with relevant lived experience who are collaborating to challenge, reimagine, and transform the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) culture into one that embraces inclusivity and difference. The Network employs an anti-oppression framework in drawing on diverse critical perspectives and international lessons learned. Our activities aim to determine the root causes of the problematic military culture and provide practical insights to help transform CAF culture into one that serves the future needs of Canada and Canadians.

The TMC Network aims to:

• Lead innovative ways of thinking through military culture and culture change

• Collaborate and facilitate discussions with Defence Team members and stakeholders on culture and culture change

• Disseminate and communicate information on CAF culture change to the Canadian public

• Provide training and opportunities to emerging researchers and practitioners with an interest in culture and culture change

• Learn from national and international military and civilian Network members

• Organize roundtables, symposia, and other events, including in collaboration with CAF

• Host a podcast that brings together civilian researchers, Defence Team members, and lived experience voices


Purpose of board

The goal is to bring together current or former CAF members from a diversity of equity deserving group who are interested in collectively providing insights and input to change and improve Canadian Armed Forces culture.



The board will be made up of 5-7 current or former CAF members or those with relevant experience from across Canada who are passionate about supporting positive culture change in the CAF. We will aim for diversity of representation and aim to center intersectionality in the member selection process. This opportunity will allow individuals to meet and engage with other members, scholars, and Defence Team members interested in, and working on, military culture change. Board members will also have an opportunity to develop their leadership skills, network, and attend the annual TMC Network symposium. In particular, we would like to invite the Defence Advisory Groups and Networks to select representatives.


Roles and Responsibilities

Please note that these terms of reference are a draft document and will be discussed and finalized by the members of the advisory board itself.

The primary role of the lived experience advisory board will be to provide advice and guidance to the TMC Network. Over the course of the project, board members may be invited to:

– review and provide feedback on projects or papers

– aid in disseminating the project’s outputs

– attend meetings and annual symposia

– brainstorm innovative ways to improve CAF culture

– evaluate strategies to address culture change

– develop practical suggestions to address inequities in the military

– contribute time, knowledge, and expertise to the fulfillment of TMC mission (as outlined above)


Duties and Commitment

This is a volunteer position. We suggest the board meet at least four times per year, for one to two hours. There will be additional opportunities for the board to meet and contribute to Network activities, if board members wish. We expect your volunteer commitment to be two hours per month. A supervisor would be able to sign off on volunteer hours if needed for a program or school. Board members will be given a minimum two weeks’ notice for meetings or other activities and most meetings and activities will be held virtually via Zoom. Any board member who misses three consecutive meetings without providing reasonable cause will be deemed to have resigned from the board.


Group Guidelines:

– The group will consist of individual members with equal standing

– The board will be co-chaired by one of the three TMC co-directors and a board member

– All members will have a shared responsibility for the work of the group

– Members must respect the opinions of all members

– Members should ensure there is shared contribution towards discussions

– Members have a responsibility to advise the Network co-directors of any potential conflicts of interest

– Terms of reference and board membership shall be reviewed annually

– Membership is for one year, with potential for renewal

– Members will be financially supported to travel and attend Network events, as per our Network Travel Stipend Guidelines


Selection Process:

– TMC co-directors will review all applications after August 31, 2022

– We will choose applications that best align with our Network goals

– We will choose applicants with a view to ensuring diverse representation

– We encourage individuals participating in DAGs and Networks to apply

– We will notify applicants by September 31, 2022 of your application status


We have selected members for this board and applications are now closed.