Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) is committed to meeting the challenges and opportunities involved in the responsible and effective management of research data. The University recognizes the central role of data in research, as data not only represents the outcome of research investigation but also provides a foundation for future research. The appropriate management of research data and facilitating appropriate access to that data form the basis of modern scholarship and discovery. Research data is an important asset that must be stewarded, protected, and appropriately safeguarded. For more information, please read our Statement on Research Data Management.

The Research Office is collaborating with both the Library and IT&S to provide the MSVU Research Community with information and tools that correspond with the Tri-Agency’s new Data Management Policy which is designed to support research excellence by promoting sound RDM and data stewardship practices.

  • Institutional strategies: By March 1, 2023, research institutions subject to this requirement must post their RDM strategies and notify the agencies when they have been completed.
    • MSVU is currently in the process of drafting the University strategies.
  • Data management plans: By spring 2022, the agencies will identify the initial set of funding opportunities subject to the DMP requirement. The agencies will pilot the DMP requirement in targeted funding opportunities before this date.
    • MSVU is working towards creating a draft DMP for use by the University community.
  • Data deposit: After reviewing the institutional strategies and in line with the readiness of the Canadian research community, the agencies will phase in the deposit requirement.
    • MSVU will share with the University community  best practices, tools, sites for deposit, etc. as they are developed or received.