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Here you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions that might have the answer you are looking for. Don’t see what you’re looking for or have a question you think should be added here? Contact a member of the team at the Research Office.


What is the role of the Research Office?

The MSVU Research Office supports faculty research and scholarship through consultation, outreach, grant writing and development, communication and storytelling, guidance on satisfying ethics in research practice, and partnering to support successful research initiatives.


How can I learn more about or apply for Internal grants?

Processes related to internal grants are the responsibility of the Committee on Research and Publications and are overseen by the Research Office. Deadlines to apply and grant instructions and application forms are found on the Internal Grants webpage. For assistance, contact research@msvu.ca.


I have been awarded a grant (internal or external). How do I access the funds needed to conduct the research?

To access your research funds, you need to complete a Release of Funds Agreement form. This form confirms that you have a successful grant application and have the necessary ethics approval from the Research Ethics Board to begin research-related activities.


I am starting a research project; how do I submit my project for ethics review?

All research ethics forms and applications are available online. If you have any questions please contact Brenda Gagné, Research Ethics Coordinator.


How do I know if I need ethics approval?

All research conducted by MSVU faculty (full-time and part-time), post-doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students, external and visiting researchers, and staff may send an application to the Research Ethics Board (REB). If you believe that your project does not require ethics approval, you must still submit an REB Exemption Request (REB.FORM.016). All research ethics forms and applications are found online.


How can I stay up to date with the latest research news?

The Research Office’s monthly updates can be found in the Research Bulletin. To be added to the distribution list, please email research@msvu.ca.

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What software is available to MSVU researchers?

MSVU has many software applications available for use on MSVU and personal devices for students, faculty and staff. Visit our software catalogue to find out more information on licensing, installation and support. The software catalogue can be found at the following link https://www.msvu.ca/campus-life/campus-services/it-services/software-catalogue/.