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Guidelines for TMC Network Membership

Download guidelines:

PDF version: TMC Network Membership Guidelines

Word version: TMC Network Membership Guidelines

Purpose of the TMC Network

Members of the TMC Network are engaged in innovative and transformative research and/or practice motived by an interest in critically engaging with military culture change from an anti-oppressive framework. When you join the Network, you become part of a community that seeks to progressively challenge, reimagine, and transform military culture in Canada and in other national contexts.


Benefits of TMC Network Membership

As a member, you will have access to peers and colleagues (Canadian and international academics, defence scientists, and community practitioners) working on military culture change and related topics. You will also have access to professional development opportunities, workshops, activities, and round tables on current events. Opportunities to receive travel funding for Network activities are also available if deemed eligible through our application process (you can find more details on travel funding here). You will be updated on Network news and opportunities through a regular Newsletter, and can also stay engaged through Twitter (@TMCultures), Facebook, and our TMC Network website.


Membership Commitment

Membership in the TMC Network involves a commitment to its mission and anti-oppression framework. In addition, members will share learning across the Network and collaborate through meetings and events. We expect members to attend at least 1-2 Network events a year. If we don’t hear from a member for a 12-month period, we will assume you are no longer interested in participating.


Membership in the TMC Network is by invitation only.