The University Research Ethics Board (UREB) is the governing body of ethical conduct for research involving humans or their data at Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU). To ensure that all research conforms to the minimum ethical standards and requirements as set out in the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS), please review the following REB Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Please note: These documents do not automatically constitute research ethics compliance. Researchers must obtain research ethics clearance prior to beginning the research.

If researchers have questions or concerns, please contact

Ethics Administration

REB.SOP.101 Authority and Purpose- July 2021

REB.SOP.102 Research Requiring REB Review- July 2021

REB. SOP.103 Training and Education of REB Members and REB Office Personnel- July 2021

REB.SOP. 104 Management of REB Office Personnel – July 2021

REB. SOP.105A Conflict of Interest – REB Members and REB Office Personnel-  July 2021

REB. SOP.105B Conflict of Interest – Researcher  –  July 2021

REB.SOP.105C Conflict of Interest – Organization – July 2021

REB.SOP.106 Signatory Authority – July 2021

REB.SOP.107 Uses and Disclosure of Personal Information – July 2021

REB.SOP.108 SOP Maintenance – July 2021

REB.SOP.109 Addendum for US-Regulated Research – July 2021

REB.SOP.110 Departmental Research Ethics Boards (DREBs) – July 2021

REB Organization

REB.SOP.201 Composition of the Board- September 2021

REB.SOP.202 Management of the Board – October 2021

REB.SOP.203 Duties of REB Members – September 2021

REB.SOP.204 REB Office Personnel Serving as REB Members – September 2021

REB Functions and Operations

REB.SOP.301 REB Submission Requirements and Document Review – September 2021

REB.SOP.302 REB Meeting Administration – September 2021

REB.SOP.303 Documentation and Document Management – July 2023

REB Review of Research

REB.SOP.401 Delegated Review – September 2021

REB.SOP.402 Initial Review Criteria for REB Clearance – September 2021

REB.SOP.403 REB Review Decisions – September 2021

REB.SOP.404 Ongoing REB Review – October 2021

REB.SOP.405 Continuing REB Review – September 2021

REB.SOP.406 Completion of Research – September 2021

REB.SOP.407 Suspension or Termination of REB Clearance – September 2021

REB.SOP.408 Full Board Review Process – June 2022

REB.SOP.409 Multi-Jurisdictional Research – June 2022

REB.SOP.412 Reconsideration of REB Decisions and Appeal Process –  March 2022

REB Review of Research Requiring Special Consideration

REB.SOP.501 REB Review During Publicly Declared Emergencies – October 2021

REB.SOP.502 Resumption of F2F Research – Currently Inactive – July 2023

REB.SOP.504 Scholarly Review – March 2022

REB Communication, Notification and Reporting

REB.SOP.601 Communication – Researcher – September 2021

REB.SOP.602 Communications – Research Participants – September 2021

Informed Consent

REB.SOP.701 Free and Informed Consent – September 2021

REB.SOP.703 Consent Updates and Ongoing Consent – September 2021

Responsibilities of Researchers

REB.SOP.801 Researcher Qualifications and Responsibilities – September 2021

Quality Management

REB.SOP.901 Quality Assurance Inspections – September 2021

REB.SOP.902 External Inspections or Audits – September 2021

REB.SOP.903 Non-Compliance – September 2021