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Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in employment and believes that our research excellence is enhanced through the diversification of Canadian Research Chair nominations. MSVU’s overall research culture benefits from shared experience with people from diverse backgrounds who bring new and varied perspectives. Building on MSVU’s commitment to the advancement of women that is historically embedded within our policies and practices, we will include members of all equity deserving groups within the frameworks created by our legacy.

Throughout its history, MSVU has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advancing the education, support, capacity building, and career opportunities of women. Explicitly, MSVU promotes research focused on women and related issues of gender and equity that includes representation from most academic departments. Integrally linked to this overarching and interdisciplinary focus on gender equity is an emphasis on social responsibility and community engagement, which incorporates equity more broadly. Many of the University’s educational programs and departments, as well as many faculty members, have a developed a mature record of accomplishment respecting these commitments.

MSVU will continue to uphold excellence in the attraction, recruitment, and retention of a diverse pool of candidates for future CRC nominations. MSVU has been selected as a pilot university for the federal Dimensions: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion program: one of 17 universities and colleges in the country. The process followed in the pilot will assist the already gender-rich environment at MSVU. The University takes very seriously its Dimensions: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion pilot status and will develop university wide plans to address capacity in this regard.

Learn more about MSVU’s commitment to EDI and strategy for raising awareness here.

In 2021, the MSVU Research Office has hosted multiple events targeted at raising awareness of the benefits of EDI within the MSVU research community. These include two Town Halls, a presentation on embedding EDI in research teams and best practices for promotion of EDI within those teams, and a grant writing workshop aimed at integrating EDI into proposals. Student, faculty and staff can access the presentation recordings here. A broad communications strategy with respect to the Dimensions program, the CRCP, and the EDIA Advisor has been developed and implemented through the Research Office.

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How to voice concerns related to equity, diversity and inclusion

Staff and Faculty can direct EDI related concerns to the Harassment and Discrimination Advisor. The Mount’s Harassment and Discrimination Advisor ( acts as a confidential, fair and impartial resource to the University community on all aspects of harassment and discrimination. Complaints relating to the non-academic discipline policy can be directed to the Office of Student Experience.

Learn more about the CRCP’s equity target data here.

We are currently in the process of developing an EDI Action Plan at Mount Saint Vincent University. This will include a strategy for governance, reporting, accountability, and monitoring concerns.

Policies that govern the staffing of Canada Research Chair positions at MSVU

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