Logo #1: capital letters T, M and C side by side in colours of yellow, teal, and dark grey, respectively. “Transforming Military Cultures” is written in black font across T, M and C.

Executive Team

Maya Eichler, Co-director (MSVU)

Tammy George, Co-director (York University)

Nancy Taber, Co-director (Brock University)

Kimberley Smith-Evans, Network Manager (MSVU)

Elisabeth Héroux Rhymes, Network Coordinator (MSVU)

Ash Grover, Research Assistant/Doctoral Student (Brock University)

Lea Aluie, Network Assistant (MSVU)

» Julianne Acker-Verney (Mount Saint Vincent University) julianne.acker.verney@msvu.ca [Canada]

» LCol Donna Allen (Government of Canada, CPCC/DHRD) donna.allen@nmi.nato.int [Canada]

» Ayshia Bailie (Carleton University) ayshiabailie@cmail.carleton.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Catherine Baillie Abidi (Mount Saint Vincent University) catherine.baillieabidi@msvu.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Megan Bastick (Independent Expert on Gender, Security and International Law)

» Dr. Colleen Bell (University of Saskatchewan) cdb007@mail.usask.ca [Canada]

» Marianne Bevan (New Zealand Office of the Auditor-General) Marianne.Bevan@oag.parliament.nz [New Zealand]

» Dr. Sandra Biskupski-Mujanovic (University of Waterloo) sbiskups@uwo.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Vanessa Brown (RMCC/Canadian Forces College/DND) vanessaarbrown@gmail.com [Canada]

» Walter Callaghan (University of Toronto) w.callaghan@mail.utoronto.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Isabel Campbell (Directorate of History and Heritage, Department of National Defence) [Canada]

» Natalie Chafe-Yuan (Independent Consultant) nataliechafe@gmail.com [Canada]

» MCpl Vivian Cho (Canadian Armed Forces) vivian.cho@forces.gc.ca [Canada]

» Julia Clitheroe (Royal Military College) julia@clitheroe.ca [Canada]

» Violetta Clitheroe (Brock University) vclitheroe@brocku.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Emily M. Colpitts (McGill University) emily.colpitts@mail.mcgill.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Samantha Crompvoets (Rapid Context) samantha.crompvoets@rapidcontext.com.au  [Australia]

» Dr. Karen Davis (Independent Researcher) karen13.davis@gmail.com [Canada]

» Dr. Maya Eichler (Mount Saint Vincent University) maya.eichler@msvu.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Morten Ender (United States Military Academy at West Point) morten.ender@westpoint.edu  [United States]

» Dr. Brenda Fewster (Concordia University, Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling and John Molson School of Business) brenda.fewster@mail.concordia.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Tammy Findlay (Mount Saint Vincent University, President of the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women) Tammy.Findlay@msvu.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Tammy George (York University) georget@yorku.ca [Canada]

» Maj Marshall Gerbrandt (retired)  (University of New Brunswick) marshall.gerbrandt@unb.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Lynne Gouliquer (Laurentian University) lgouliquer@laurentian.ca [Canada]

» LCdr Calley Gray (Canadian Armed Forces) calley.gray@forces.gc.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Sara Greco (Department of National Defence) Sara.greco@forces.gc.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Tanya Grodzinski (Royal Military College) tanya.grodzinski@rmc-cmr.ca [Canada]

» Ash Grover (Brock University) ag16jk@brocku.ca [Canada]

» Maj Alexia Hannam (4 WG Women’s Champion) alexiashore@hotmail.com [Canada]

» Crystal Harris cl_harris@hotmail.com [Canada]

» Dr. Kyleanne Hunter (Centre for a New American Security and Air Force Academy) hunter.kyleanne@gmail.com  [United States]

» Dr. Gregory Kennedy (Brandon University) KennedyG@brandonu.ca [Canada]

» Sophia Konermann (University of New Brunswick) sophia.konermann@unb.ca [Canada]

» Denise Landry (Mount Saint Vincent University) cdlandry@gmail.com [Canada]

» Catherine Littler (Dalhouse University) catherine.littler@dal.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Julie Lalonde (Yellow Manteau) yellowmanteau@gmail.com [Canada]

» LCol Rhea MacLean (CDA/CFC) Rhea.Maclean@cfc.dnd.ca [Canada]

» LCol Trisha Macleod (Government of Canada/Armed Forces, 2 Fld Amb) Trisha.MacLeod2@forces.gc.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Megan MacKenzie (Simmons Chair in International Law and Human Security, Simon Fraser University) m_mackenzie@sfu.ca [Canada]

» Oskar Mansfield (Mount Saint Vincent University) oskar.mansfield@msvu.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Johanna Masse (Université Laval) johanna.masse.1@ulaval.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Laura Masson (Ministry of Defence) laura.masson.ar@gmail.com [Argentina]

» Sonja Maul-Wilson (University of Victoria) sonjamaulwilson@uvic.ca [Canada]

» Hannah Meagher (Dalhousie University) hn443737@dal.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Anna Mensah (Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre) anna.mensah@kaiptc.org [Ghana]

» Dr. Robert Mizzi (University of Manitoba) robert.mizzi@umanitoba.ca [Canada]

» Shauna Mulligan (University of Manitoba) Shauna.Mulligan@umanitoba.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Linda Mussell (University of Canterbury) lin.mussell@canterbury.ac.nz [New Zealand]

» Dr. Ellen Nelson  ellen@ellenjoannelson.com [New Zealand]

» Dr. Deborah Norris (Mount Saint Vincent University) deborah.norris@msvu.ca [Canada]

» LCdr Aaron O’Connor (Canadian Armed Forces) Aaron.O’Connor@forces.gc.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Alan Okros (CPCC) Alan.Okros@rmc.ca [Canada]

» Seyi Okuribido-Malcolm (Department of National Defence) Seyi.Okuribido-Malcolm@forces.gc.ca [Canada]

» Daniel Park (William Lyon Mackenzie C.I.) danielparkbaseball@gmail.com [Canada]

» Andréa Peters (University of Moncton) eap2605@umoncton.ca [Canada]

» Lynette Peters (Dalhousie University) lynette.Peters@dal.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Melanie Randall (University of Western Ontario) randallm@uwo.ca [Canada]

» Kathryn Reeves (Mount Saint Vincent University) kathryn.reeves@msvu.ca [Canada]

» MCpl Emily Reiman (Canadian Armed Forces, military co-chair of the DWAO at 4 Wing Cold Lake) emily.reiman@forces.gc.ca [Canada]

» Elisabeth Héroux Rhymes (Mount Saint Vincent University) elisabeth.heroux-rhymes@msvu.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Isabelle Richer (CPCC) isabelle.richer@forces.gc.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Chiara Ruffa (Swedish Defence University) Chiara.Ruffa@fhs.se [Sweden]

» Dr. Shannon Russell-Miller (Department of National Defence) shannon.russell-miller@forces.gc.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Grazia Scoppio (Royal Military College of Canada) scoppio-g@rmc.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Duncan Shields (University of British Columbia, Blueprint – Military and First Responder Resiliency Project) duncanmshields@gmail.com [Canada]

» Dr. Meaghan Shoemaker (Women and Gender Equality Canada) Meaghan.shoemaker@fegc-wage.GC.ca [Canada]

» Patrick Small Legs-Nagge (Mount Saint Vincent University) patricksln@hotmail.com [Canada]

» Ellen Smith (Mount Saint Vincent University) Ellen.Smith13@msvu.ca [Canada]

» Kimberley Smith-Evans (Mount Saint Vincent University) kimberley.smith.evans@msvu.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Leigh Spanner (Mount Saint Vincent University) leigh.spanner@msvu.ca [Canada]

» Ruth Stanley-Aikens (Sexual Misconduct Support and Resource Centre, Department of National Defence) ruth.stanley-aikens@forces.gc.ca [Canada]

» Kristine St. Pierre (Canadian Defence Academy) kristine.st-pierre@forces.gc.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Nancy Taber (Brock University) ntaber@brocku.ca [Canada]

» Esrom Tesfamichael (Department of National Defence) esrom.contact@gmail.com [Canada]

» Dr. Ben Wadham (Flinders College of Education) ben.wadham@flinders.edu.au [Australia]

» Dr. Hannah West (Newcastle University) Hannah.West@newcastle.ac.uk [United Kingdom]

» Dr. John Whelan (Mount Saint Vincent University) John.Whelan2@msvu.ca [Canada]

» Dr. Annick Wibben (Swedish Defence University) Annick.Wibben@fhs.se [Sweden]

» LCdr Deanna Wilson (Government of Canada/Armed Forces, CPCC/DHRD) deanna.wilson@forces.gc.ca [Canada]

» Ayshia Bailie

» Julia Clitheroe

» Oskar Mansfield

» Hannah Meagher

» Daniel Park

» Ellen Smith

» Sandra Biskupski-Mujanovic

» Walter Callaghan

» Violetta Clitheroe

» Brenda Fewster

» Marshall Gerbandt

» Sara Greco

» Ash Grover

» Sophia Konermann

» Johanna Masse

» Shauna Mulligan

» Linda Mussell

» Kathryn Reeves

» Meaghan Shoemaker

» Leigh Spanner