The MSVU Black and Indigenous Speaker Series highlights the scholarly work of Black and Indigenous scholars from across Turtle Island. The purpose of this series is to initiate important conversation by inviting Black and Indigenous scholars to share their knowledge, worldviews, and their contributions to their respective academic field.


March 6th via MS Teams, Unpacking the Underrepresentation of Black Students in Research at MSVU with Randy Headley.

Randy Headley is an exceptional individual dedicated to building a sense of community and advancing crucial research areas. He founded the MSVU Afrocentric Support Group, creating a space at Mount Saint Vincent University that champions and aids the Afrocentric viewpoint. The BSSO office at Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) acknowledges the crucial need to address and rectify the underrepresentation of Black students in research. To this end, tailored programs and initiatives, such as Black Students in Research Support Group, The Elder’s Circle and the Baobab Project, were developed to reignite interest in research among this demographic.

In Randy’s presentation, he intends to underscore the underrepresentation of Black students in research within post-secondary settings such as MSVU and explain its repercussions on the academic sphere. Drawing from personal interactions with Black students, he will propose a comprehensive strategy to bridge this gap. By amalgamating scholarly literature, institutional data, and proven methodologies, he will describe a roadmap to cultivate an inclusive research atmosphere at MSVU.


Nominations for future Black and Indigenous Speaker Series will continue to be accepted.

Speakers nominated for the series should:

  • Identify as Black, Indigenous (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit) or Aboriginal.
  • Be an active contributor to an academic discipline or professional field.
  • Affiliated with an academic institution, research institution, or college.

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