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Guidelines for Network Travel Stipends

Download guidelines:

PDF version: TMC Network Travel Stipend Guidelines

Word version:TMC Network Travel Stipend Guidelines


Download application form (Word doc): TMC Network Travel Stipend Application Form_2024-25


The Transforming Military Cultures (TMC) Network Member Travel Stipend (“Travel Stipend”) is intended to provide financial support to members of the TMC Network. The Network has limited funds available to support member travel to events and activities organized by the TMC Network (e.g., symposia, conference panels, workshops, etc.). The Travel Stipend is not intended to provide complete dollar-for-dollar reimbursement for TMC Network expenses. It is designed to help offset travel costs, accommodations, and conference registration associated with participating in Network-organized events and activities. Applicants are encouraged to seek support from other sources to supplement their travel and other related costs.


Value and Duration

The value of the Travel Stipend will be based on the amount of funding allocated towards the total amount of TMC Network Travel Stipends for a given year and may vary. Travel funding is not guaranteed and will be calculated based on the following information from the completed application:

  • Location of the Network member and distance travelled;
  • Number of eligible applicants per year.



TMC Network members may apply for a Travel Stipend to support in-person Network events and activities. The application must be received at least 6 weeks prior to the scheduled Network event or activity to be pre-approved. If your application is pre-approved, your Travel Stipend will be issued after travel is complete; copies of all receipts and boarding passes must be provided before the claim can be processed. To be considered for a Travel Stipend, applicants must:

  • Be a TMC Network member at the time of applying;
  • Be attending or presenting at an event or activity organized by the TMC Network (e.g., symposia);
  • Apply at least 6 weeks in advance for pre-approval.

Please note that members employed by, or institutions funded by, the federal government (e.g., CAF and/or DND, Royal Military College) are not eligible for DND MINDS funding, including travel reimbursement, with the exception of Class A reservists.



Priority for a Travel Stipend is given to those individuals who actively participate in an event or activity (e.g., presenters, panelists, facilitators, etc.). Preference will be given to students, emerging scholars, and community members. Established scholars are expected to first exhaust other university- or grant-based travel funding opportunities before requesting funds through the Network. Priority will be given to members who have not yet received a travel stipend in the year of application.