The University Research Ethics Board (UREB) is the governing body of ethical conduct for research involving humans or their data at Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU). To ensure that all research conforms to the minimum ethical standards and requirements as set out in the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS), please review the following REB templates and researchers are encouraged to use these templates and revise to meet the research study requirements.

Please note: These documents do not automatically constitute research ethics compliance. Researchers must obtain research ethics clearance prior to beginning the research.

If researchers have questions or concerns, please contact


REB.TMPL.001 Confidentiality Agreement – July 2024

REB.TMPL.002 Confidentiality Agreement – July 2024

REB.TMPL.003 Audio Consent – July 2024

REB.TMPL.004 Audio Consent – July 2024

REB.TMPL.005 Video Consent – July 2024

REB.TMPL.006 Video Consent – July 2024

REB.TMPL.007 Photo Consent – July 2024

REB.TMPL.008 COVID-19 Information Letter for Participants – currently INACTIVE – July 2024

REB.TMPL.300 – Digitization of Research Records – July 2024