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About the Centre

The Early Childhood Collaborative Research Centre (ECCRC) engages families, as well as partners in policy and practice in research and evaluation to enhance early childhood well-being. The goal of the ECCRC is to ensure policy and practice are in place to support families across different early learning environments. Find out more about the Centre.

Research at the ECCRC is led by Dr. Jessie-Lee McIsaac, Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in Early Childhood: Diversity and Transitions.

About our Team

Our team members are committed to conducting rigorous research and evaluation to support early childhood well-being. We foster an environment of collective learning through mentorship and teamwork. Find out more about our team and current employment opportunities.

Knowledge Mobilization

We share the results of our research in different ways. Please see examples of our recent presentations, infographics, videos, reports, and academic publications.


Providing the best start for our youngest generation is a growing social and economic priority in communities across Canada, including Nova Scotia. Check out our recent projects that support early childhood development.

In the Media

ECCRC is thankful for the support of local media in mobilizing knowledge.



Learn more about our CELEBRATE Feeding Project!!

CELEBRATE (Coaching in Early Learning Environments to Build a Responsive Approach to Eating and) Feeding is a research study with child care centres in N.S. and on P.E.I.  Centres will work with Early Years Nutrition Coaches to strengthen responsive feeding environments that support diversity and inclusion.

Website: www.celebratefeeding.ca 

Facebook: @CelebrateFeeding

Instagram: @celebratefeeding

This is a collaborative research project by ECCRC (MSVU) and University of Prince Edward Island. It is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

ECCRC’s 2021 Newsletter: Mobilizing Collaborative Research for Early Childhood Well-being

Join us in reviewing 2021 and the work conducted by the ECCRC over the year. Wrapping up projects, beginning new projects, mobilizing research results, new team members, and more. Check out the 2021 Newsletter: Mobilizing Collaborative Research for Early Childhood Well-being!

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Nova Scotia’s shift to publicly funded early learning and child care won’t be easy, but it’s critical

Dr. Christine McLean and Dr. McIsaac, The Conversation Canada piece: “On Jan. 14, as part of the Canada-wide early learning and child care agreement, Nova Scotia announced a reduction in child-care fees by 25 per cent retroactive from Jan. 1, 2022 and other related changes that are part of a historic shift in early learning and care in the province…”

ECCRC is now on Instagram!

Check out our Instagram page to learn more about our team, the research process, and to see our research results!

Looking Through the Lens of Newcomer Families in Nova Scotia

In partnership with ISANS, the ECCRC hosted an outdoor photo gallery featuring photos taken by newcomer families to bring greater awareness to their experiences accessing programs for their children and to share their ideas for improvement. The entire event was informed by participants.

Learn more about the project and the event.

See local media reports.

ECCRC’s Reconciliation Statement

The discoveries of the remains found at the sites of former Residential Schools have sparked much reflection and discussion at the ECCRC about our responsibility toward truth and reconciliation. Please read our full statement.

Dr. Jessie-Lee McIsaac featured in MSVU Research Minute

The MSVU Research Office featured Dr. Jessie-Lee McIsaac in their Research Minute series. Dr. McIsaac discusses the ECCRC and explains the three objectives that govern our work: Population-level evaluation, leveraging family voice, and knowledge mobilization.

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Early Childhood Collaborative Research Centre
Centre for Applied Research in Human Health
Mount Saint Vincent University
166 Bedford Highway, Halifax NS B3M 2J6

Phone: 902-457-6553

Email: CRCearlychildhood@msvu.ca

For the complete staff directory, please refer to the Our Research Team page.

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